Study Abroad

A limited number of students may be sent abroad under the auspices of the Study Abroad Programme. The International Office provides assistance and support.

The department has an Erasmus exchange programme with Universite de Nantes and Universite de Bordeaux. It participates in the International Office Exchanges. Independent study abroad is not supported by the Mathematics Department.

Before contacting Dr Louder (l.louder AT ucl.ac.uk), please read the information below and read the information on the college's website for information regarding studying abroad.

1. To be eligible to study abroad you must be registered for an MSci. The period of study abroad will be one year and it will take place during the third of your four year programme.

You will be required to register your interest in studying abroad by the end of November of your second year and you will then follow UCL's Study Abroad Preparation Programme during the spring term.

The Departmental Form should be filled in the Autumn and well before the International Office deadline.

2. First class results from Year 1 are required. For prestigious North American universities, extremely high first class results are required.

3. As study abroad forms an integral part of your UCL programme you will be expected, in the main, to study courses directly related to your degree. The exact courses you take will be agreed by you and your Study Abroad Tutor.

You will need to put some time into researching the available courses at the institution of your choice and this process should begin as soon as possible.

You should not submit an application to study abroad until you have established that the host institution you wish to apply to offers courses compatible with the requirements of your UCL degree.

The Department will support the application of a student, only when we are convinced that the modules taken in the foreign university match well with the student's UCL programme of study. It is the responsibility of the student to present such evidence.