Postgraduate Seminars Autumn 2012

These take place on an (almost) weekly basis during term time. Talks are given by PhD students for PhD students. They are generally followed by tea and biscuits in the staff room.

All seminars will take place on Thursdays at 5pm in Room 505 which is located on the 5th floor of the Mathematics Department. See How to Find Us for further details. There will be tea afterwards in room 606.If you require any more information on the Postgraduate seminars or would like to give a talk, please contact Tom AShbee e-mail: ashbee AT math.ucl.ac.uk.

4th October 2012

Daniel Ellam

Title: An Introduction to the Cohomology of Arithmetic Groups

11th October 2012

There will be three short talks by second year students:

  • Thomas Evans: 'Static games of search and concealment played over metric spaces'
  • Yanika Borg: 'Construction and Modelling of Novel Oscillating Synthetic Genetic Networks'
  • Nicola Tamanini: 'Variational Principles for Gravitational Theories'

Friday 19th October 2012

There will be four short talks:

  • Adam Sanitt: 'Hypergraph Turan Problems'
  • Olly Southwick: 'Vortex-wall interactions: how do ocean eddies move near land?'
  • Kavinda Guruge: 'Why linear plate theory breaks down under certain conditions'
  • Huda Ramli: 'Spectral Properties of the Jacobi ensembles - via the Coulomb Gas approach'

25th October 2012

Wenting Wang

Title: Fast synchronization on complex networks

15th November 2012

Chris Daw

Title: Degrees of strongly special subvarieties and the André-Oort conjecture

22nd November 2012

Niko Laaksonen

Title: Quantum Unique Ergodicity

Tuesday 27th November 2012 - CANCELLED

Mat Hunt

6th December 2012

Pablo Soberón Bravo

Title: Combinatorial geometry