Research and Activities

Ethnological Research on Family and Unemployment
Tihana Rubic

Religion and Politics of Sufi Turks in Macedonia
A pre-field proposal

Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic

Disrupture, Reconstruction, and the Insecure Place:
Multiple Temporalities of Chechen Immigrants in Lublin

Michal Sipos

International development as intercultural encounter
A research proposal

Diana Szanto

The Organization of Solidarity in the City of Mostar (BiH).
Approaches from Cultural Anthropology and Administrative Sciences.

Larissa Vetters

Between power, loneliness and dependency. Ageing in family in the world in motion. Case of Warsaw
Joanna Zalewska


Romanian Migrants in Italy and Spain
Ana Bleahu

Galina Oustinova

Religion and Citizenship among Sufi Turks in urban Macedonia
Galina Oustinova

Political Cosmology of Sufi Bektashi Turks in the Republic of Macedonia
Galina Oustinova


East looks West and West looks East - mutual constructions of anthropology (EASA 2008)
August 28-29th, 2008

EASA 2008 Programme


Neither Ruble, nor Gold: Chechen Immigrants and Their Perceptions of a Landscape in a Locality of Prevailing Insecurity in Lublin, Eastern Poland
Michal Sipos


Magdalena Craciun
Researching fakes: practicing anthropology out of the corner of one's eye, in Anthropology Matters Journal 2008, Vol 10 (2).

Magdalena Craciun
Book Chapter, Europa: o piata faimoasa în România post-socialista, in Etnografii urbane, Vintila Mihailescu (ed), Curtea Veche (forthcoming).

Magdalena Craciun
Book Chapter, Trading in fake brands, self-creating as an individual, in Anthropology and the Individual, Daniel Miller (ed), Berg (forthcoming).

Magdalena Craciun
Snapshot: Fake Branded Clothing in Post-Socialist Romania, in The Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, Berg (forthcoming).

Sorin Gog
Cemeteries and Dying in a Multi-religious and Multi-ethnic Village from the Danube Delta, in Working Papers in Romanian Minority Studies, ISSN 1844 – 5489, 2008 (forthcoming).

Mariya Ivancheva
10.2008 Paper "The Fall of Socialism: The Berlin Wall and the Mausoleumof Georgi Dimitrov" presented at the conference "Memory, History,Morality" Newcastle University, UK 09.2008 and published on the siteEuropean City, in the section Living in a Post-Socialist City

Mariya Ivancheva
02.2008 Paper "Civil Society as a Discursive Frame", presented at theLSE Center of Global Governance, conference Peace Movements in the ColdWar and Beyond

Mariya Ivancheva
09.2007 Paper "Displacement of Nostalgia in Post-Socialist Bulgaria:the Mausoleum of Georgi Dimitrov", final publication of the N/osztalgiaproject, in cooperation of the two journals Anthropolis (Hu)/ Plotki(De) funded by the Visegrad fund,

Mariya Ivancheva
07.2007 "Strawberry Fields Forever: Bulgarian and Romanian Students inthe UK", Focaal 49, summer 2007

Mariya Ivancheva
04.2007 Paper "On some Utopian Motives in the Philosophy of WalterBenjamin", presented on the Annual Meeting of the European UtopianStudies Society in Tarragona, Spain 07.2006, published in e-journalSpaces of Utopia, Institute for English Studies of the Faculty of Artsof the University of Porto, Portugal, issue 3, Winter 2006, Politics of Utopia

Otoiu, Damiana Gabriela
Restitiution policies and national identity in (post)communist Romania: the case fo the Jewish community, in: Sabine Fischer, Heiko Pleines, Hans-Henning Schröder (Eds.): Movements, migrants, marginalisation : challenges of societal and political participation in Eastern Europe and the enlarged EU, Stuttgart: Ibidem-Verl., 2007, pp. 173-187

Otoiu, Damiana Gabriela
National(ist) Ideology and Urban Planning: Building the Victory of Socialism in Bucharest, Romania

Larissa Vetters
Reflections on "the Field" - Local Community Offices in Mostar as Sites for Investigating State-Society Relations in a Post-Conflict Country, in: Nitsiakos, V. et al. (eds.), First Annual of the Konitsa Summer School, pp. 460-471, 2008.


Film Training, September 2007