Current Students


Central European University

Olena Fedyuk (Ukraine). Olena’s research will focus on the Ukrainian labor migration to Italy, which started in the second half of the 1990s and now riches estimated 600-700 thousand of Ukrainians working in Italy.
Supervisors: Ayse Caglar (CEU), Prem Rajaram (CEU), Frances Pine (Goldsmith's)

Elisabeth Schober (Austria). U.S. soldiers in South Korea. Tens of thousands of GIs are stationed in South Korea, where over the last two decades their presence in the country has become increasingly contested. While the geopolitical factors surrounding the U.S. military presence on Korean soil are being debated in academic circles, in more populist accounts it is particularly the GIs’ off-duty behavior in the entertainment districts of the county and their encounters with Korean women that have come to the forefront.
Supervisors: Don Kalb and Sophie Day

Andrea Weiss (Austria). Networks in Grey: Ethnicity and State-Making. Andrea's project focuses on clientelist networks and the state in the Western Georgian region of Mingrelia.
Supervisors: Don Kalb (CEU), Dan Rabinowitz (CEU), Lale Yalcin-Heckmann (MPISA)

Mariya Ivancheva (Bulgaria). Experimental Universities and Transnational Political Philanthropy. This project compares the genesis and development over time of two experimental "post-revolutionary" university projects CEU and the Bolivarian University in Venezuela.
Supervisors: Alexandra Kowalski

University College London

Raluca Pernes (Romania). Natural resource management and integration in a global market: The case of the neem tree in Greater Accra, Ghana. The project investigates how the small scale activity of neem harvesting gets to be shaped by and interact with global politics, economics, and changing life-styles elsewhere, as well as state-level policies and local circumstances.
Supervisor: Barrie Sharpe

Galina Oustinova-Stjepanovic (Belarus). Sufi Muslims in Macedonia. Galina investigates how Bektashi Turks in this Balkan state imagine and interpret the state through a lens of religious mysticism and engage with the state as simultaneously embodied and affective citizens and religious disciples.
Supervisor: Charles Stewart

Goldsmiths University of London

Eva Zsuzsa Katona (Hungary). Eva will explore the conditions for cross-ethnic solidarity that could underpin cooperative ventures for mutual benefits and successful multi-ethnic coalitions between Israelis and Palestinians. This will be a visual anthropology PhD.
Supervisors: Steven Nugent and Daniel Monterescu (CEU)

Michal Sipos (Slovakia). Refugees from Chechnya in Poland. Michal is interested in seeing how Chechen refugees in Eastern Poland perceive and approach a local time and space in order to reconstruct a new cycle of continuity in their lives.
Supervisors: Frances Pine and Prem Rajaram (CEU)

Martin Fotta (Slovakia) The Calon in Brazil. The project will explore economic activities of the Calon-Gypsies in Bahia, Brazil. I will look into how these activities are influenced by the ambiguous position of the Calon in Brazilian racial system and particular nature of their activities, and how these in turn help to perpetuate their distinctiveness.
Supervisors: Roger Sansi, Stephen Nugent, Michael Stewart

Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology

Ida Harboe Knudsen (Denmark). Ida is planning to work on legal/institutional implementations of reforms to Lithuanian agriculture in the context of admission to the EU. This is a legal anthropology PhD.
Supervisors: Keebet von Benda-Beckmann and Frances Pine (GSM)

Mateusz Laszczkowski (Poland). 'City of the Future': The politics, pragmatics and aesthetics of the future in Astana. Inspired by the futuristic cityscape of Kazakhstan's new capital, Mateusz's project explores the 'social life' of multiple, politically non-indifferent visions of the future and their materializations. It is an inquiry into the experience of life in a city whose material landscape is woven of futuristic vision. Acknowledging that the future can form a dynamic political field of exclusion and inclusion, the project will look at how people appropriate, re-work or reject representations of the future or how they invent and maintain their own ones in everyday life.
Supervisors: Günther Schlee, Svetlana Jacquesson and Catherine Alexander (Goldsmiths)


Central European University

Ana Aceska (Macedonia). In 2008-9 I will write my PhD thesis based on the field research that I am now conducting in the divided city of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. I am investigating how the processes of spatial and institutional division and reunification take place through 'negotiations' among the two ethnic groups (Bosniaks and Croats) over the use of public space.

Goldsmiths University of London

Anikó Horváth (Romania). Reproduction of Poverty. Anikó’s research will analyze how changes in the political and social system of Romania contributed in the past decades to the reproduction of class and poverty in families living at the bottom of Romanian society.
PhD at CEU, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Neda Deneva (Bulgaria). Transnational migration and the relationship with the state. Neda's research investigates the complicated relationship, which Bulgarian Muslims have developed with the two states in which they are simultaneously embedded through migration - Bulgaria and Spain. Marginalizing state practices and the relevant coping strategies are scrutinized along with social citizenship practices which opens up a new perspective on the possible scenarios of the migrants' position vis-ŕ-vis the state.
Supervisors: Ayse Caglar (CEU), Daniel Monterescu (CEU), Frances Pine (Goldsmith's)
PhD at CEU, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Elitza Ranova (Bulgaria). "Styling 'Europeans': A Transformative Agenda of the Avant-Garde in Postsocialist Bulgaria." Elitza's project assesses how the discursive opposition between Western and Eastern Europe is being re-imagined through art, style and fashion in the context of Bulgaria's changing social structure. Focused on a new generation of Bulgarian culture producers, the study explores the complexity of postmodern artistic innovation on the margins of Europe and assesses the enabling power of history and social privilege.
Supervisors: James Faubion (Rice University), Chris Wright (Goldsmiths College)
PhD in Anthropology, Rice University

Max Planck Institute of Social Anthropology

Viorel Anastasoaie (Romania). Tobacco growers in Cuba - economics of socialist society and the cognitive study of skill learning. This project aims to understand what makes rural Cuba tick today by returning to the field of Ortiz’s classic work and bring it into the contemporary socialist context.
Supervisors: Martin Holbrad, David Berliner (CEU) and Michael Stewart

Razvan Dumitru (Romania). The Financial Market in the Republic of Moldova. Razvan’s work investigates how a traditional “capitalist” institution, the stock market, takes roots in a post-socialist environment.
Supervisors: Michael Stewart and Martin Holbraad (UCL), Don Kalb (CEU)

Dimitra Kofti (Greece). Transformations of labour and time. This research focuses on changing time-management, power relationships and discourses on labour in the context of privatisation in Bulgaria.
Supervisor: Chris Hann
PhD at UCL

Babes-Bolyai University

Gergely Pulay (Hungary). Ethnicity and Cultural Production. Identity politics and Roma performance in Romania. This project explores the ethnicized ways of producing, performing and consuming popular culture - especially in the case of a genre known as manele or muzica orientala in Romania.
Supervisors: Ayse Caglar (CEU), Michael Stewart (UCL, CEU)
PhD at CEU, Budapest

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