UCL London


UCL 2034

The role of the UCL London aligns with the UCL 2034 strategy, to be London’s Global University.

Our alignment with UCL 2034 

UCL is committed to becoming a global leader in knowledge exchange, enterprise and open innovation with societal impact. Our relationship with London is central to this commitment.

Global leader


London is a global hub and there are many opportunities from being part of a global arena. UCL has the expertise to be at the forefront of conversations.


Aquatics centre in the Olympic Park, East London

UCL is a significant employer in London and preparer for workforce. It drives economic, social, environmental and cultural impact in its local community and beyond.


Photo of a busy road in Camden, London

Being placed in London builds connections, enables new partnerships and creates social and cultural impact from a world-class capital city.​


Students at UCL

Placed in the heart of decision making, UCL is able to influence agendas and offer solutions whilst developing key relationships with communities, stakeholders and policy makers.