London Centre for Nanotechnology Research Groups


Grand Challenges Research Exemplars

We aim to pilot innovative digital health exemplars for two AMR grand challenges: surveillance and stewardship.

Grand Challenge 1: Digital one-health surveillance of antibiotic use and AMR

Here, we aim to explore how the diversity of One-Health data can be integrated to inform policy, reduce antimicrobial use & AMR. We'll do this by:

  • Laying the foundations of a Trusted Research Environment - One-Health (TRE-OH) – linking human, animal and environmental data.
  • Building a data dashboard around wastewater-based epidemiology for AMR – linking community and hospital AMR data.
  • Exploring the use of online data to estimate antimicrobial usage.

Grand Challenge 2: Improving antimicrobial stewardship via digital decision support algorithms sequencing, wearables and rapid tests

The inappropriate use of antibiotics in healthcare remains a major concern and there is an urgent need for innovative digital health approaches in secondary, primary & social care. Here, we intend to:

  • Use machine learning to inform antimicrobial prescribing and decision support.
  • Sequence data and wearables to reduce in-hospital transmission of AMR.
  • Create an app for AMR rapid tests.

Overall, our interdisciplinary teams, made of different educational and industry partners, aim to address the complexities of antibiotic resistance in healthcare, working collaboratively with partners to advance digital solutions and inform evidence-based policies. To find out about our most recent work, visit our news page