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Welcome to the Young Researchers' Neuronal Epigenetics and Transcription (Y-NET) symposium.
The first Y-NET virtual conference will take place on the 1st October 2021, and aims to promote the work of early career researchers investigating chromatin and RNA regulation in the brain.
Development and function of the nervous system require intricate control of gene expression to ensure appropriate cellular composition and architecture. Moreover, the adult nervous system retains plasticity, requiring constant readjustments to facilitate learning, memory and behavioural adaptations. Epigenetic regulation of the genome through DNA and chromatin modifications, nucleosome remodelling, and higher order nuclear structure, combines with downstream control of RNA modification, processing and transport, to ensure appropriate levels of gene products for these processes. Indeed, aberrations in epigenetics, transcription or RNA metabolism are highly detrimental for neuronal function, and are implicated in a variety of neuro-developmental, -psychiatric and –degenerative disorders.
Image credit: Alessandro Bossio, Salinas lab, CDB-UCL
The Y-NET symposium will specifically spotlight the research of postdocs and young principal investigators in these fields. Young scientists have fewer opportunities to present their work and the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation, negatively affecting the visibility and networking possibilities of early career researchers. We have therefore spearheaded the initiative of this free symposium focused on Young Researchers’ Neuronal Epigenetics and Transcription research.
We are thrilled to announce that Professor Erin Schuman (Max Planck Institute for Brain Research) and Professor Azad Bonni (Washington University School of Medicine), pioneers and highly respected researchers in the field, will participate in the symposium as keynote speakers. The remainder of the program will comprise short talks from postdocs and junior group leaders.
We hope you can join us for this exciting event.