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Senior Research Associate, Riccio Lab


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Qualifications and history
2005 | Postdoc, University of Würzburg, Germany
2002 | Postdoc, Catholic University, Rome, Italy
2001 | Postdoc, Ohio State University, USA
1999 | PhD Graduation with honors, Catholic University, Rome, Italy
1994 | BSc Hons degree in Biological Sciences, University of Pisa, Italy
2014 | Wellcome Trust Institutional Strategic Support Fund Award
2006 | European Journal of Human Genetics prize, most cited research papers published in the EJHG in the first calendar year following their publication
2001 | American Society of Human Genetics Postdoctoral Award for best presentation in Translational Research
2011 | Postdoctoral Fellowship funded by “Families of SMA”

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RNA metabolism