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Group Leader, MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Cell morphogenesis

Research synopsis

The wider aims of our research are to better understand the evolution of eukaryotic cell shape and division, to determine how cells regulate their form, and to determine how these processes contribute to normal tissue development and homeostasis and, when they go awry, to the evolution of metastatic cancer. 

Baum Lab research image

Baum Lab research image

Selected publications

Dix CL, et al (2018). The Role of Mitotic Cell-Substrate Adhesion Re-modeling in Animal Cell Division. Developmental Cell, 45(1):132-145.
Curran S, et al (2017). Myosin II Controls Junction Fluctuations to Guide Epithelial Tissue Ordering. Developmental Cell. 20:480-492.e6
Dey G, et al (2016). On the Archaeal Origins of Eukaryotes and the Challenges of Inferring Phenotype from Genotype. Trends in Cell Biology, 26 (7), 476-485. doi:10.1016/j.tcb.2016.03.009
Rodrigues NTL, et al (2015). Kinetochore-localized PP1-Sds22 couples chromosome segregation to polar relaxation. Nature, 524 (7566), 489-+. doi:10.1038/nature14496
Baum D & Baum B (2014). An inside-out origin for the eukaryotic cell. BMC Biol, 12, 76. doi:10.1186/s12915-014-0076-2

About the lab


Medical Research Council
Cancer Research UK
European Research Council
Human Frontier Science Program

Research themes

Cytoskeleton and cell cortex
Polarity and cell shape
Cell-cell interactions
Physics of biological systems
Cell division and cell cycle
Evolution of the cell


Molecular genetics
Cell biology
Live cell imaging
Biophysical approaches
Computational modeling
Super-resolution microscopy
Electron microscopy


Sushila Ganguli (CRUK-UCL Centre Clinical PhD Fellow)
Laure Ho (PhD student)


Yanlan Mao (LMCB, UK)
Rob de Bruin (LMCB, UK)
Andela Saric (LMCB, UK)
Guillaume Charras (UCL, UK)
Guillaume Salbreux (CRICK, UK)
Finn Werner (UCL, UK)
Ewa Paluch (Cambridge University, UK)
Jochen Guck (BIOTEC, Germany)
Matthieu Piel (Institut Curie, France)
Ricardo Henriques (IGC, Portugal)
Tim Meyer (UCL, UK)
Wellcome consortium "Archaeal Origins of Eukaryotic Cell Organisation"
CRICK Biological Making Lab: Ravi Desai (CRICK, UK)