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UCL Bioimage Interest Group

The UCL BIIG - BioImage Interest Group - is a UCL Imaging Science Technology Platform initiative to bring together user groups run by the LMCB, Division of BiosciencesIPLS, UCL Cancer Domain and Sainsbury Wellcome Centre. The new Interest Group aims to connect users and experts from different backgrounds who are interested in biological and biomedical image acquisition and analysis. UCL BIIG aims to share knowledge, expertise and foster discussion and collaborations around the topics of bioimaging and bioimage analysis in an informal setting.
We hold monthly hybrid meetings at the LMCB seminar room and on Zoom every second Friday of the month with talks at 12-1 pm, followed by refreshments. We host two speakers for short (15 min) and informal presentations each time, allowing plenty of time for discussion. We welcome work-in-progress presentations and highly encourage the participation of early-career researchers.

Where: LMCB Seminar Room (LMCB Building, 2nd floor. From the stairs, follow the long corridor and look for a large room on your right)
Zoom: https://ucl.zoom.us/j/98214347242?pwd=OXZwYmJlc3RTZi9IeG9VZjRWNjA3Zz09
Meeting ID: 982 1434 7242
Passcode: 952497


2023/24 Programme

15-16 July 2024 |
Tutorials and hackday. Register here.

14 June 2024 |
James Monypenny (KCL) – Highly-multiplexed immunofluorescence on a shoestring
Tilly Cloves (SWC) – Dual-plane 3-photon microscopy with over 800 µm of axial separation

May 10 2024 |
Alvaro Miranda (LMCB) – 3D cell segmentation using Deep learning
Laura Porta (Sainsbury Wellcome Centre) – De-rotation of images from a 3-photon microscope

April 12 2024 |
Chintan Trivedi (CDB) – 3D printing and DIY for cheaper and better bioimaging
Brenda Canales (Francis Crick Institute) – MuVi lightsheet for large volume imaging

8 March 2024 |
Iker Valle Aramburu (Francis Crick Institute) – Chemical tools to illuminate the dark proteome
Oriol Roche i Morgó and Yunpeng Jia (NXCT | AXIM Group) – A national x-ray CT facility at the forefront of science

9 February 2024 |
Cameron Shand (Francis Crick Institute) – AI OnDemand: Combining Napari & Nextflow to Segment at Scale
Rob Tetley (Nikon) – Reveal new confocal imaging potential with NSPARC: a new super resolution detector for Nikon’s AX Confocal

12 January 2024 |
Megan Joseph (London Centre for Nanotechnology) – How ‘super resolution’ can you go with the SoRa?
Giulia Paci (LMCB) – EpiTools: a napari plugin for quantifying epithelial dynamics

8 December 2023 |
Rob Campbell (SWC Advanced Microscopy Facility) – Advanced Microscopy at the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre
Giulia Casal  (LMCB) – Volume Electron Microscopy Image segmentation

10 November 2023 |
Matthias Loidolt (NPP) - All-optical interrogation of neural circuits in tiny, transparent brains
Anneliese Jarman (KCL) - Fussy samples: an adventure in microscopy and image analysis

13 October 2023 |
Launch event - Introduction to UCL BIIG, talks and networking
Shu En Lim (LMCB) - Zap! How to laser ablate your tissues

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For more information or if you’re interested in giving a talk contact us at: bioimage-organisers@live.ucl.ac.uk