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Multimodal imaging made easy with LEGO

The Henriques Lab has developed a new bit of hardware called NanoJ-Fluidics (also known as Pumpy McPumpface in less formal occasions). NanoJ-Fluidics is a fluidic exchange system that contains a syringe pump array made of LEGO and is controlled via the popular software packages ImageJ, FIJI or MicroManager.
Pumpy enables automated sample fluid exchange on the microscope, allowing complex workflows to be streamlined without the need for any specialised equipment, consumables or user hands-on engagement. A preprint in BioRxiv showcases what Pumpy can do by performing live-to-fixed correlative imaging, multi-step staining protocols and multi-modal super-resolution microscopy - all without ever removing the sample from the microscope and with virtually no user involvement. 
Pumpy is fun and inexpensive to build, as well as easy-to-use. It is fully open-source; instructions on how to replicate Pumpy and get your own Pumpy pumping can be found in the Henriques Lab Wiki.
Read all the details in BioRxiv.