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AASLD Early Career Investigator Award in Clinical/Translational Science

Danai Kati has been awarded a 2021 AASLD Foundation Abstract Award based on her abstract slected for oral presentation at The Liver Meeting Digital Experience.  Funded by UK-PBC www.uk-pbc.com the title of her presentation is:

A Proteomic approach to serum biomarker discovery for prediction and evaluation of ursodeoxycholic acid response in primary biliary cholangitis

Danai is in the final year of her PhD studies in the UCL Institute for Liver & Digestive Health and earlier this year she was awarded a scholarship under the Yale UCL collabrative Student Exchange Programme to study at Yale for three months in 2022 as part of her PhD research.

Danai Kati
I am very grateful to ILDH for all the support I have received the past three years. Especially, I am grateful to my supervisors Prof. Hsuan, Prof. Thorburn and late Dr. Timms for all the help and knowledge they have shared with me. This honour will never have been achieved without them. Special thanks to director Massimo Pinzani, who has created a very supportive and safe learning environment in ILDH in which students can thrive.



GUT prize for best Basic Science Abstract
Alexander Maini

Congratulations to Dr Alexander Maini, MRC Clinical Research Fellow, winner of the GUT prize for best Basic Science Abstract oral presentation for his abstract OWE-015: “Prostaglandin E2 mediates innate immune suppression in acute-on-chronic liver failure via the EP4 receptor”.

Dr Maini's abstract was chosen by Professor Emad El-Omar, GUT's Editor and his award certificate will be presented by the BSG President Professor Martin Lombard during the Plenary session on Tuesday, 5th June 2018.

Dr Maini will present his oral communication during the Liver Free Papers Symposium at 0939-0951hr on Wednesday, 6th June 2018.

Research Grant Winner,  Dr Falk Core Research Grant 

Congratulations to Dr Camilla Rhead winner of the F1/F2 Research Grant.  Dr Rhead won this very prestigious Dr Falk Core Research Grant .   She will join ILDH next year in 2019 - her project title is "An Analysis of the Incidence of Bacterial Infection, Antibiotic Use & Resistance in Patients with Decompensated Liver Disease".  Dr Rhead is a Foundation Year 2 Doctor working in Acute Medicine at the North Middlesex Hospital and her twelve month research project will take place at the UCL Institute for Liver & Digestive Health at the Royal Free Campus, London.

Camilla Rhead
" I am currently a foundation year two doctor planning to pursue a career in Gastroenterology. I will be taking a year out next year before commencing my core medical training, which has given me the opportunity to get involved with this research. It is an honour to have been awarded a Dr Falk Core Research Grant and I am lucky to be able to work with such an enthusiastic team of researchers. The grant will allow me to undertake research in a field I find incredibly interesting, develop my core research skills and help me on my journey to becoming a Gastroenterology trainee.

Wellcome Trust UCL PhD Fellowships 2018

Dr Nekisa Zakeri is the first Academic Clinical Fellow in Hepatology, at the Royal Free Hospital, to have successfully been awarded a prestigious Wellcome Trust UCL PhD fellowship, which is aimed at supporting the most promising clinicians to undertake higher research training at UCL.

Nekisa Zakeri


Joseph Ndieyira, Senior Research Associate, talks Antibiotic Resistance with the BBC

" Superbugs make treatment harder - researchers working to develop super antibiotics




Read All About It - Antibiotic Study

Dr Joseph Ndieyira led a study demonstrating that antibiotics can be modified to kill bacteria by a novel mechanism which uses brute force to rip open the cells. This will help create a new generation of antibiotics to tackle multi-drug resistant bacterial infections, now recognised as one of the greatest global threats in modern healthcare.

BBC News


BBC World Service - CrowdScience, Can We Make Artificial Organs?

Interview with Giuseppe Mazza (audio interview)

" Human Organs are in short supply. But what if you could grow new ones in the lab? And if you donate your body parts to help others, where might they end up?



DoM Bake-off Competition - 2nd October 2017

The Bake-off Competition was judged on 2nd October in the Rayne and we are proud to announce our own 'Star Baker' Ruth Jacobs won the cake category with her cleverly designed 'Shu.C.L.' Shoe, resembling a Cinderella slipper - it would have won any prince's heart through his stomach I'm sure, although we in ILDH are probably somewhat biased in our feeling that there really was no competition - well done Ruth.