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FLS Alumni Summer Studentships

The FLS Alumni Summer Studentships offer undergraduates with an interest in research the opportunity to spend up to 8 weeks in one of the FLS research laboratories.

The studentships provide an opportunity to carry out an original piece of research under the guidance of a member of staff. 

These projects are especially beneficial for students who are considering doing a PhD and want to get a better understanding of what doing biological or biomedical or pharmaceutical research entails. Many of our summer students have make a real contribution to UCL’s research, doing work that has subsequently been published and/or piloting new approaches or initiatives. In 2018 seven students were offered this opportunity.

2018 recipients

Zane Mitrevica

Supervisor: Beverley Clark

Anatomical and functional convergence of motor cortical and cerebellar projections in the thalamus

Eneko Pascual Navarro 

Supervisor: Andres Ramos

RNA recognition of IMP1 oncofetal protein domains KH12

Marie Sion 

Supervisor: David Attwell 

The role of pericytes in cardiac and renal ischaemia

Maryam Aliasaga

Supervisor: Susan Anne Barker

Development of a patient-friendly mini-tablet formulation based on amorphous solid dispersions prepared by hot met extrusion

Nidhi Seegobin

Supervisor: Steve Brocchini

Determination of the intravitreal half-life of linear and branched PEG-Fab conjugates

Xin Yi Thum

Supervisor: Catherine Tuleu

Low dose accuracy for paediatric enteral liquids: Are we there yet?

Kristal Ng Yan-Wei

Supervisor: Andres Ramos

Molecular basis of miRNA target selection in Syncrip-mediated exosomal miRNA partitioning

2017 recipients

Xin Jie

Supervisor: Dr Jess Healy

Development of boronic acid beta-lactamase inhibitors with novel mechanisms of action

I am honoured to be granted an opportunity in the Drug Discovery Research Cluster to develop novel antibiotics while learning both biology and chemistry bits experientially. It was truly an exciting experience, knowing that my work would help combat an antibiotic apocalypse.

I spent my first few weeks in the chemistry lab, making my test compounds, doing extraction, purifications as well as scientific analysis. The remaining weeks saw me in the biology lab, preparing my agar plates, culturing my bacteria strain, and ultimately performing disk diffusion assay to assess the susceptibility of the novel antibiotics.

Neesha Kara

Supervisor: Professor Michael Duchen/ Federico Zambon

The Validation and Characterisation of iPSC-derived dopaminergic neurons

I am immensely grateful for this unique opportunity to learn about how a research project develops and to get insights into the workings of the lab.

Over the course of my project I learned about the expanding field of stem cell generation and learned how to differentiate these cells into nerve cells to model genetic forms of Parkinson's Disease. I was able to quantify protein expression and to identify neuronal markers using immunofluorescence and western blots.

Susana Colinas Fischer

Supervisor: Francesca Cacucci, Guifen Chen

Title of project: Testing architecture of head direction circuit using virtual reality

Elena Menichini

Supervisor: Dr Tom Wills

Title of the Project: The Hippocampal Representation of Space in relation to External Sensory Inputs

Sana Sheykhzadeh

Supervisor: Professor Simon Gaisford

Title of project: Determining the efficacy of probiotics commonly available in the market

Peipeng Lin

Supervisor: Annette Dolphin

Sana Sheykhzadeh