Japanese Evening Language Classes (All Levels)

  • 20 hours (2 hours per week)
  • 10 weeks

Overview - Japanese (all levels)

These ten-week evening courses are open to everyone and will help you to communicate effectively in Japanese.

You'll learn Japanese as it's spoken in everyday situations and develop your reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.

Two-hour classes are held once a week on weekday evenings from 5pm or 7pm, depending on the class/level.

Courses are taught at various levels, from complete beginner to proficiency. You can start at any level (if you meet the entry requirements) and you'll be able to progress to the next level after ten weeks.

These courses are run by the UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE).

What you'll learn (by level)

Levels 1 & 1+ - Beginners Japanese
Levels 2 & 2+ - Lower Intermediate Japanese
Levels 3 & 3+ - Upper Intermediate Japanese
Levels 4 & 4+ - Advanced Japanese
Levels 5 & 5+ - Post Advanced Japanese
Proficiency - Japanese 

Full details of the courses syllabi are available on the CLIE website.

Who these courses are for

CLIE language courses are open to everyone aged 18 years and above. Classes are usually made up of a wide range of ages and professions, with various motivations for learning.

Entry requirements

Unless you're a complete beginner, or re-enrolling, you may need to take an assessment so you can join a class at the most appropriate level.

Assessments involve an informal conversation with a tutor and should take no longer than 15 minutes. See the CLIE website for more information.

  • Levels 1 & 1+ (beginners) - suitable if you have no previous knowledge of Japanese
  • Levels 2 & 2+ (lower intermediate) - suitable if you've studied Japanese before, for instance up to GCSE level, and have some knowledge of the main present and past tenses
  • Levels 3 & 3+ (upper intermediate) - suitable if you have a good basic knowledge of Japanese or have studied it at A level some years ago. You should be able to give instructions and describe events, talk about the future and have a basic knowledge of the conditional and subjunctive
  • Levels 4 & 4+ (advanced) - suitable if you have a good command of Japanese and its main grammatical structures or have recently achieved a good grade at A level
  • Levels 5 & 5+ (post-advanced) - suitable if you're able to use Japanese with a high degree of fluency and accuracy
  • Proficiency - suitable if you're able to use Japanese fluently and accurately

Self-Access Centre and online resources

While enrolled on a CLIE evening course, you'll be able to use the Self-Access Centre, where you can access books, films, documentaries, course videos and audio recordings in a wide variety of languages.

You'll also have access to a range of online resources (e.g. lectures, films, TV documentaries) to help you practise your listening and oral comprehension skills at home.

Dates and enrolment periods 

These courses will next run from October 2019.

Cost and concessions

The standard fees for external students are:

  • one term (10 lessons) - £370
  • two terms (20 lessons) - £665 (10% discount)
  • three terms (30 lessons) - £890 (20% discount)

Concessions are available for UCL and University of London (UoL) staff, students and alumni.

Detailed fees information is available on the CLIE website.

CPD accreditation and certificates

This course has been accredited by The CPD Certification Service.

You can request a UCL certificate of attendance on completing at least 70% of the course.

If you're a UCL undergraduate student and complete at least 70% of the course, a Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) can be included in your examination transcript.

Further information

For more detailed information about our language classes, visit the CLIE website.

Course team

Our language teachers

Language teachers at UCL Centre for Languages & International Education are either native speakers, or have native fluency in the languages they teach. They're highly qualified and popular with their students, creating a friendly, stimulating environment for language learning.

Student review

Previous participants on CLIE evening language courses have said:

"UCL's evening language courses are a great way to brush up on your language skills. The classes are small and lively, with plenty of opportunities to practise speaking and listening."

"Classes are fast-paced, friendly and fun and I'm thrilled with how much they've helped me to progress."

"You are challenged but always encouraged and never made to feel foolish."

"The customs and cultural aspects of a language are useful and interesting to learn about, and something that is difficult to pick up from self-study, online courses, etc."

"The course is more like a place to have fun without any pressures of exams or assessments. Since it is not the aim to pass certain tests, everyone is free to ask any question, have casual conversations and learn what is really useful for real life!"

"Motivating and encouraging teachers; interactive and engaging lessons; emphasis on communication and on the practical use of language. Language classes at CLIE are excellent!"


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