UCL Centre for Languages & International Education (CLIE)



Non-UCL students

All external students are welcome to book on a termly basis (i.e. paying for 10 lessons at a time), or they can take advantage of our discounts by booking two terms (20 lessons) or three terms (30 lessons) in advance. We are not able to offer payment in instalments.

One Term
(10 Lessons - 20 hours)
Two Terms (10% discount)
(20 Lessons - 40 hours)
Three Terms (20% discount)
(30 Lessons - 60 hours)
 £380 £685 £915

UCL/ University of London (UoL) Associates

Discounted fees

UCL and UoL students, alumni and staff (including UCLH), are eligible for a discount on fees when booking two terms (20 lessons) or three terms (30 lessons) in advance.  Concessionary rates are available for UCL/UoL current students, staff and alumni (proof of University affiliation must be shown to qualify).

List of institutions belonging to the University of London

Concessionary Fees*One Term - Autumn 2019
(10 Lessons)
One Term - Winter or Summer 2020
(10 Lessons)
Two Terms
(20 Lessons)
Three Terms
(30 Lessons)
UCL Current Students£340** £200£340**£475
UCL staff & Alumni, UCLH Staff, UoL Current Students, Staff & Alumni£380 £275£490£715

*Concessionary rate are available for a 20-week or 30-week package only.

10-week fees for Autumn Term 2019 will be £380 across all categories and £340 for UCL current students.

**Please note that students’ fees for Term 1 or Term 1 and 2 starting in autumn are the same.

How to pay

We only accept payment via our secure Online Store. When you apply during the enrolment period, you will be sent a direct link to the Online Store.

Please note that the cost of textbooks is not included in any course fees. 

Payment for each term is due at the time of enrolment. You will not be permitted to attend classes if payment has not been made during the enrolment period and no place can be reserved for you on a course until you have paid.

Doctoral Skills Development Programme funding

Graduate students who wish to apply for funding for Evening Courses through the Doctoral Skills Development Programme, should familiarise themselves with the separate application process.

Oversubscribed courses

If you pay for a course which has already been oversubscribed, we will offer you a place on our waiting list or a full refund. If no place becomes available, or you decide at any point you wish to withdraw from the waiting list before a place has been offered, then we will give you a full refund. Please note that any refunds given once you've secured a place on the course will be subject to deductions in accordance with our Terms and Conditions and Cancellation Policies below.


A cancellation fee applies for withdrawals less than two weeks prior to the commencement of term. No refund will be issued for cancellations made after this point. Please see our Terms & Conditions and Cancellation Policy for more details.

Terms & Conditions

  • The Terms and Conditions for the Online Store apply to Evening Courses, subject to the special provisions set out on this page.
  • Fees are required in advance - please note that a place on the course will only be confirmed upon receipt of full payment.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old to enrol with us. Applicants under the age of 18 will have their registration declined. Providing false information regarding age will result in immediate expulsion from the course with no refund made available.
  • Applicants should note that the cooling off period (at clause 10) in the Online Store terms and conditions does not apply to Evening Courses
  • Once you have been accepted on to a course, if you wish to cancel your registration and receive a refund should refer to the applicable cancellation policy for the length of the course booked:
  • The UCL CLIE has a policy of no-deferral.
  • The UCL CLIE cannot accept responsibility for unforeseen changes in a participant's circumstances that may prevent attendance.
  • Full details of our refund/cancellation policies can be found above.
  • The UCL CLIE reserves the right to cancel a course, or replace a tutor if unavoidable. If a course is cancelled by UCL CLIE the cancellation process on this page will apply.
  • If you are unhappy with a course, or with our handling of your refund, please follow the process set out at in the UCL Life Learning Framework, in particular section 2.12.
  • Terms & Conditions