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Details of how to search for and find our collections.

Chadwick Papers 32

For details of how to consult an item from Special Collections, please see our Access and Facilities page.

We maintain an on-going cataloguing programme for all our collections, and records for newly catalogued items will appear under 'Archives and manuscripts' and 'Printed books' as they are created. For those items awaiting catalogue records, physical lists and indexes can be consulted in the same way as other material.

When using the Explore service for printed books, click 'Special Collections' under 'Library' in the left-hand 'Refine My Results' column after receiving your search results.


Card catalogue no longer available

From October 2019, the UCL Online Card Catalogue will no longer be available.  Please use the Explore service to search for library resources.  If you need further help or assistance email: library@ucl.ac.uk