Library Services


Inter-site Service

Certain items held at outlying UCL sites can be requested to be transferred from one site to another for loan. Photocopies from journals can also be supplied.

Applications for inter-site material should be made by completing a paper or online inter-library loan request form. The completed request form should be submitted to the Issue Desk/Collection Point staff.

The online inter-library loan request form can also be used. Requests can be made as follows:

  • Sign-in to our Explore service
  • Choose ... from the top menu
  • Select 'INTER LIBRARY LOAN REQUEST' from the options which appear, and complete the form

Central sites

The Inter-site service is not available between the following "central" sites:

  • Bartlett Library
  • Cruciform Hub
  • Institute of Archaeology Library
  • Main Library
  • Science Library

This is because these sites are geographically close to one another. Our expectation is that members would exercise their rights to use all UCL libraries, by visiting the site in person.

Who can use the service?

Current UCL/UCH staff and students can use this service.

How much does it cost?
  • Photocopy - £3.00 per item
  • Book - £3.00 per item, if requesting site is within 1 mile of a "central" supply site, this includes Language & Speech Science, Institute of Child Health, IOE, Queen Square and SSEES.
  • Free book delivery: includes Institutes of Ophthalmology and Orthopaedics, Royal Free Medical Library, Whittington campus.
What type of loan can be requested?

Standard loan items only, if not currently on loan. High-demand teaching materials and short loan are kept on site for local student use.

How long will it take?

We will endeavour to obtain the item as quickly as possible, however, we cannot guarantee to supply the item requested because the item may be missing from the shelf.
Items usually arrive within three to four days.

How many requests can be made?

A limit of twelve ongoing requests, with no limit on the total number of requests can be made.
This applies so long as the requester's library record is current, has no outstanding charges and is entitled to use the service.


If a book has been requested, a notification will be sent to your UCL e-mail account as soon as the item is available for collection.

Collecting/receiving the Inter-site item


If a paper request form was submitted, the book will be available for collection from whichever Issue Desk/Collection Point the request was submitted to and a notification to come and collect will be sent to your UCL e-mail account.

If an online inter-library loan request form was submitted, the book will be put aside for collection from the Science Library Collection Point and a notification to come and collect will be sent to your UCL email account.


The photocopy will be put aside at the Science Library Collection Point for collection and a notification to come and collect will be sent to your UCL email account.

The £3.00 Inter-site charge has to be paid on collection. For further details see the How to pay section. NB You will still be liable for the £3.00 Inter-site charge if the item has been received, but you no longer require the item

How to pay

Charges will be added to the requester's library record on receipt of the requested item.

Payment should be made by cash/cheque/credit card at the Issue Desk/Collection Point where the intersite was ordered.

Staff payments can be made by IDT, this must be organised in advance of any intersite requests being submitted. UCL staff should speak to their Departmental Administrator for further information about IDTs, then contact the ILDS Office.


Ask at the Issue Desk / Collection Point where the book was collected.

Return of Inter-site loan/fines

The item should be returned to the Issue Desk/Collection Point from where it was collected.

Fines will be charged for a late return.