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GDPR: Programme governance

Details of the Strategic Programme Board and the Operations Board.

Programme governance flowchart

Strategic Programme Board (SPB)

The UCL GDPR SPB has been established to oversee the successful delivery of the Programme. The  SPB is chaired by the Project Executive, Professor Graham Hart, Dean of the Faculty of Population Health Sciences. The Programme Board has the following duties:

  • The governance of the UCL GDPR Programme activity.
  • Providing overall strategic direction for Programme activity.
  • Ensuring effective communication across senior stakeholders.
  • Ensuring that the strategic aims set out in the Programme Initiation Document (PID) are achieved.
  • Overseeing assurance activity to ensure that protocol is followed in the delivery of the Programme and provide advice and troubleshoot risks and issues where necessary.
  • Facilitating discussion and strategic decision making through its members on Programme Issues, and central UCL policy decisions related to GDPR.
UCL GDPR Operations Board

The Project Executive has delegated authority to Wendy Appleby, UCL Registrar, to chair and manage the UCL GDPR Operations Board. The Project Board has the following duties:

  • Responsibility for the success or failure of the projects
  • Provision of a unified direction to the Workstream and Project Manager.
  • Provision of resourcing and authorisation of funding for the project.
  • Provision of visible and sustained support for the Project Manager.
  • Facilitation of effective communication within the project team and with external stakeholders.