Joseph Andries Hodges

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  1. Eldest son of Joseph Hodges of St Elizabeth (d. 1718). Inherited Lacovia estate in St Elizabeth from his father. Joseph Hodges married three times. Joseph Andries's mother was probably his second wife Bonella nee Andries.

  2. Admitted to the Inner Temple, 11/22/1731. In his will, written in 1733, he bequeathed 175 acres of land adjacent to Luanna estate to his cousin Elizabeth Hodges (Luanna was bequeathed by his father Joseph to his brother Nathaniel), and his moiety of Lacovia to his cousin Captain John Hodges. His sister Bonella (who married John Pennant in 1734 and they both contested the will.


  1. Will of Joseph Hodges, PROB 11/567/312.

  2. Inner Temple Admissions database,; Will of Joseph Andries Hodges, PROB 11/661/242.

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PROB 11/661/242 - precis.

Memorandum 22nd September 1733.

Joseph Andreis Hodges of the Inner Temple London.

To my loving cousin Elizabeth Hodges and her heirs forever, all those 175 acres of land in St Elizabeth, Jamaica adjoining the Luanna plantation purchased by my father of Mrs Vassall together with ten Negroes bought by me or my agents and now employed on the said Luanna plantation.

To my loving cousin Captain John Hodges and his heirs forever, all that Moiety of the plantation called Lacovia.

To my loving uncle Thomas Hodges £400 and also one Bill of Exchange drawn by Lieutenant Dodd from Jamaica for £200 payable in London together with all the moneys due thereon.

To my servant William Shaw £40 and all my wearing apparell.

To my loving cousin Mrs Thomasina Barnard, Widow £100 due to me on a note from Mr Henry Moore.

I To my loving friend Albert Bland of Greys Inn all my Library of Books.

To my friend Mr John George Cox £100.

All rest and residue of my personal estate to my uncle Thomas Hodges, cousins John Hodges and Elizabeth Hodges to be equally divided amongst them. They to be my executors.

4th October 1733 Proved in London by Thomas Hodges Esq. John Hodges Esq. and Elizabeth Hodges spinster.

15th November, 1736 The Prerogative Court of Canterbury was required to give a judgement on the validity and dispositions of the will over a dispute between: 1) Capt. John Hodges, Elizabeth Hodges, now Elizabeth Hadley the wife of John Hadley, on the one part 2) Bonella, the sister of Joseph Andreise Hodges, now Bonella Pennant, wife of John Pennant on the other part The validity of the will was confirmed.

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1718 [SY] - 1733 [LA] → Owner

Inherited Lacovia from his father Joseph Hodges in 1718; by the time he wrote his will in 1733 he owned one moity of it, which he bequeathed to his cousin Captain John Hodges.

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