Joseph Hodges

???? - 1718


Slave-owner in St Elizabeth, Jamaica. Owner of Luana and Lacovia estates which he bequeathed to his sons Nathaniel and Joseph Andries respectively. Father of Bonella Hodges, who later married John Pennant.

Joseph Hodges of St Elizabeth, Esquire. Estate probated in Jamaica in 1720. Slave-ownership at probate: 161 of whom 79 were listed as male and 82 as female. 0 were listed as boys, girls or children. Total value of estate at probate: £5572.63 Jamaican currency of which £3269 currency was the value of enslaved people. Estate valuation included £5 currency cash, £0 currency debts and £161.45 currency plate.


PROB 11/567/312.

Trevor Burnard, Database of Jamaican inventories, 1674-1784.

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[1] Magdalin [2] Bonella [3] Anna
Joseph Andries, Nathaniel, Bonella

PROB 11/567/312 - preics.

Joseph Hodges of St Elizabeth, Jamaica.

To my brother Thomas Hodges £100 sterling to be paid in London.

To my sister Sarah Burrows £100 sterling to be paid in London.

To my son-in-law Rowland Williams £50 Jamacian currency.

To my kinsman Isaac Gale £50 currency.

To my overseer John Steen £20 currency.

To my Negro woman Grace who nursed my son Joseph Andries Hodges 40 shillings currency per year for life.

To my sister Sarah Burrows £50 sterling per year for life, separate to her husband's money.

To my nephews Thomas Burrows and Joseph Burrows, sons of my sister Sarah, £100 sterling at age 15 towards putting them out as apprentices or in such other way of living as my sister shall direct.

If my nephews survive their mother then £15 sterling per year for life each.

To my wife Anna Hodges, my coach and chaise, 8 of my coach horses and £300 currency per year for life in lieu of dower. She to have use of my dwelling house at Luanna and six house negroes with the coachman and postillion during the time of her being guardian to my son Nathaniel Hodges.

To my daughter Bonella Hodges, £2000 sterling at age 21 or marriage. She to receive £25 a year from each of my sons Joseph and Nathaniel until she reaches the age of 10, thereafter £50 a year each until age 21 or marrage.

The legacies to my daughter, my brother Thomas, my nephew John Hodges and Isaac Gale to be paid by my son Joseph out of that part of my estate now left to him.

The legacies to my sister and nephews, Thomas and Joseph Burrows, Rowland Williams, John Campbell, John Steen and Negro woman Grace and the £300 a year to my wife and the £400 that I owe Peter Beckford to answer the debt upon the estate of the late Florentius Vassall deceased to be paid by my son Nathaniel out of that part of my estate now left to him.

To my sons equally divided, all the money, goods, credit and stock I have in Great Britain or in my factor's hands in Jamaica or at sea.

To my son Nathaniel Hodges, all my estate lying to the westwards of Middle Quarters being commonly called Lowanna [sic] plantation, which I hold in my own right or in right of my late wife Bonella.

To my son Joseph Andries Hodges, all my estate lying eastward of Middle Quarters commonly called Lacovia plantation which I hold in my own right from the late Barnart Andries Esquire or by my late wife Magdalin.

In case my wife Anna be with child at the time of my death, £2000 currency at age 21.

My sons to be executors at age 17. My brother Thomas Hodges to be guardian for my will relating to Joseph until he shall arrive at full age. Isaac Gale to manage Lacovia until my executor and guardian of my son Joseph shall send over a letter of attorney for that purpose.

My wife Anna to be executrix of that part of my will that relates to Nathaniel and Bonella until Nathaniel reaches age 17, and guardian of their bodies and estates until they arrive at full age.

Signed 20/04/1718.

Proved in London 13/02/1719 by Thomas Hodges.

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Isaac Gale, described in the will of Joseph Hodges made in 1718 as his 'kinsman', was probably the father of Isaac Gale of St...

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