Susanna Augier or Hosier

???? - 1757


Slave-owner in Jamaica, a woman of colour manumitted under her father's will. Sister of Elizabeth, Jane and Mary Augier (all q.v.).

  1. Daughter of John Augier, a planter, and an unknown enslaved woman. Her father died c. 1722 and Susanna, with her three sisters, was manumitted according to the terms of his will. Susanna had four children with Peter Calliard, the two eldest, Mary and Peter, born in 1725 and 1726 and both baptised in Kingston 07/12/1727. Peter Calliard died c. 1728 leaving Susanna a life interest in a pen in St Catherine and a mountain in St Andrew as well as "sundry houses" in Kingston and St Jago de la Vega, with remainder in tail to her children Mary and Peter. "Within about a year of Caillard’s death Susanna was living with Gibson Dalzell with whom she had two further children, Frances and Robert, and on his death in about 1755 she inherited a life interest in his estate worth £6854 1s 3d. Dalzell made full provision for Frances and Robert who by then were living with him in London."

  2. A private act of 1738 granted Susanna Augier and her daughters Mary and Frances some of the rights and privileges of English people born to white parents.

  3. Owner of 950 acres and 80 enslaved people in St Andrew, Jamaica, in 1753; presumably this is the mountain inherited from Peter Calliard. Susannah Augur was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 508 acres of land in St Catherine and 950 acres of land in St Andrew, total 1458 acres.


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[With Peter Calliard] Mary (1725-), Peter (1726-), Susanna [with Gibson Dalzell] Frances, Robert

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