Alexander Allardyce

1743 - 1801


Reportedly a slave-trader, probably in fact a slave-factor, in Jamaica, purchasing at least one estate in St Ann that has yet to be traced, and returning to Britain to buy an estate in Kincardineshire and becoming MP for Aberdeen Burghs 1792-1801.

  1. Will of Alexander Allardyce of Dunnottar Kincardineshire proved 19/12/1801. Under the will he confirmed or left additional annuities to his wife Hannah Innes totalling £630 p.a., and his house in Aberdeen, as well as lump sum of £1050. He left further monetary legacies of some £4000, including £700 to his 'reputed daughter' Helen, daughter of Elizabeth Delpratt of Kingston. He had previously settled his Dunnottar estate and £30,000 in Bank stock separately for his daughter Eleanor, which became the subject of dispute after Eleanor's marriage to Lord Kennedy, son of the Earl of Cassillis.

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  1. PROB 11/1366/213; Kennedy v Earl of Cassillis (1818).

Further Information

(1) Ann Baxter (2) Hannah Innes

Legacies Summary

Physical (2)

Dunnottar Woods [Built] 
description →
Woods laid out and planted by Alexander Allardyce on the estate he purchased, on which he also built 'a substantial mansion', since...
Tomb or Grave
Memorial to Ann Baxter [Built] 
description →
Memorial designed by John Bacon erected in St Nicholas Kirk Aberdeen by Alexander Allardyce in 1787 for his first wife, Ann...

Political (1)

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Aberdeen Burghs Aberdeenshire / Forfar / Kincardine
1792 - 1801

Relationships (2)

Business partners
Business partners

Addresses (1)

Dunnottar, Kincardineshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland