Scudamore Winde

???? - 1775


Slave-owner and merchant in Jamaica, leaving personal estate of £67,338 in 1776, which included the value of 70 enslaved people (given as £3,335: most of his estate was debts owed to him).

  1. Will of Scudamore Winde of St Catherine Jamaica proved 20/02/1776. He left an annuity of £20 p.a. to a 'mulatto' youth named Robert Winde 'my natural son' then aged 15 or so (unusually this was secured on his real estate in Docklow, Herefordshire), and £2000 currency at 21; he left his natural daughter Penelope Winde ('born of' Sarah Cox) an annuity of £60 p.a. and again £2000 currency at 21; he also left John Winde, another natural child with Sarah Cox, £2000 currency at 21. He provided for a 'negroe woman' named Patt, whom he had manumitted, and her (and his) daughter Mary Winde. He left a series of legacies of £500 or £1000 to godchildren and the children of friends, including £500 to Jane Catherine Long the daughter of Edward Long. He left his English real estate at Fencott, Docklow subject to the above annuities to Robert Cooper Lee, and his residuary estate between Lee, Thomas Wynter and Joseph Mayo of Craven Street in London. In a codicil of 1774 he increased his legacies to his natural children by £1500 sterling each, and identified his partner in trade as Alexander Allardyce. In a second codicil of 1775 he provided for another natural son Thomas Winde then aged 8 months, including a £1500 lump sum at 21 and an annuity of £60 p.a.


Trevor Burnard, Planters, merchants and slaves (2015) p.160.

  1. PROB 11/1017/49.

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Thomas Wynter, Robert Cooper Lee and Joseph Mayo of Craven Street were co-residuary legatees of Scudamore Winde. ...
Testator → Legatee
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Robert Cooper Lee was left Scudamore Winde's estate in Herefordshire, and Thomas Wynter, Robert Cooper Lee and Joseph Mayo of Craven Street were co-residuary legatees under Scudamore Winde's will. ...
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