Edward Ellcock

1748 - 1798


  1. Edward Ellcock, son of Grant Ellcok and his wife Ann nee Sieuzac, baptised in Barbados in 1748.

  2. Edward Ellcock of America, age 18 years, was a student at Leyden University in 1767.

  3. Edward Ellcock (c. 1748-1798), of St George, Barbados, and Clifton, 3rd son of Grant Ellcock of Barbados, admitted to the Middle Temple, 17/08/1765, called to the bar, 23/11/1770. His daughter Margaret Ellcock was born in Barbados c. 1781.

  4. Will of Edward Ellcock formerly of Barbados but now of Clifton proved 13/04/1798. Under the will he rehearsed the provision made by his friend Samuel Henry Pare to support his daughters Margaret and Anna Maria Ellcock, and urged his wife and executrix and residuary heir Margaret to pay out to the daughters their allowances as they came due from Pares' estate.


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Margaret; Anna Maria
Leyden [1767 ]
Legal Education
Middle Temple [1765 ]

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Clifton, Gloucestershire, South-west England, England