Elizabeth Barrett Browning

1806 - 1861


Daughter of Edward Barrett Moulton Barrett (q.v.).

  1. Elizabeth Barrett Browning was descended from slave-owners on both sides of her family, her maternal grandfather John Graham-Clarke and her father's maternal grandfather Edward Barrett (1734-1798). Her awareness of her slave-owning ancestry deeply marked her.

  2. The family of Robert Browning also had a history in the slave-economy. Browning's grandfather, also Robert (1749-1833), had married Margaret Tittle, whose father the Rev. John Tittle had been a slave-owner on St Kitts; Browning's father, again Robert (1782-1866) was sent to St Kitts to manage a plantation described as the Anderson estate, which the Rev. John Tittle had owned or co-owned with William Coleman (q.v., under William Coleman of Lee). In his will proved in 1834, Robert Browning's grandfather said that his son Robert [1782-1866] and daughter Margaret Morris Browning 'have had by their uncle Tittle and aunt Mill much greater portion than can be left to my other dear children' [the step-brothers and sisters of the named Robert and Margaret Morris Browning], and accordingly left them £10 each. The inference to be drawn is that money from the slave-economy passed to the father of the poet from his mother's family.


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