Abraham Cumberbatch

1754 - 1796


Son of Abraham Cumberbatch ne Carleton (1727-1785) and father of Abraham Parry Cumberbatch (q.v.).

  1. In a Levy Book list for an unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], Barbados, 1804, Cumberbatch was listed as owning 292 enslaved. This might have been Abraham Cumberbatch or his son Abraham Parry Cumberbatch. He was also listed as owning 2 windmills. This may refer to the Cleland estate in St Andrew.

  2. Will of Hon. Abraham Cumberbatch of St Andrew Barbados proved 23/11/1796. He left his wife Mary an annuity of £180 p.a. plus the £3000 settled on her under their marriage settlement and secured on Cleland and The Farm. His residuary heir was his son Abraham Parry Cumberbatch.


  1. Levy Book for unidentified parish [probably St Andrew], 1804. Barbados Department of Archives, RB9/3/7.

  2. PROB 11/1281/220

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1785 [EA] - 1796 [LA] → Owner

Inherited Cleland and the Farm for his father Abraham Cumberbatch ne Carleton (1727-1785).

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