William Frederic Edwards

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Very probably William Frederic Edwards (1777-1842), botanist and ethnologist, and half-brother of the French zoologist Henri Milne Edwards (1800-1885). The men's father William Edwards (1746-1823) had moved from Jamaica to Bruges, reportedly at the time of the St Domingue revolution, although William Edwards was shown as absentee as early as 1778.


Popular Science Monthly/Volume 22/February 1883/Sketch of Henri Milne-Edwards; Claude Blanckaert, "A Jamaican emigre as "the Father of Ethnology in France"', in Bones, Bodies amd Behavior: Essays in Behavioral Anthropology edited by George W. Stocking, which on p. 20 says of William Edwards the father that he was a rich planter and lieutenat-colonel in the militia and 'in all probability a slaveholder - though the limited information on Edwards' background and early years does not explicitly confirm this.'

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