Samuel Barnett of Redland

???? - 1762


A descendant of the Drax family, sold Drax Hall in St Ann, Jamaica, to William Beckford in 1762. Drax Hall in 1752 was registered to the estate of William Barnett deceased, possibly the husband of Martha Barnett who died at Drax Hall in 1753.

  1. Samuel Barnett was listed in the Jamaican Quit Rent books for 1754 as the owner of 2580 acres of land in St James.

  2. Will of Samuel Barnett [late of the parish of St James in the island of Jamaica but now] of Redland [near the City of Bristol] Gloucestershire [made 16/07/1762] was proved 24/02/1763. At the time he made the will he still owned Drax Hall along with Catherine Mount and Catherine Hall. He said he had previously committed to transfer Catherine Mount debt-free with at least 60 'able-bodied working slaves' enslaved people, 24 working mules, 24 working steers, one bull and 6 cows, to his eldest son William Barnett within 8 years [i.e. 1768], until when William would be paid an annuity of £500 p.a. He placed the estate in trust and instructed that excess enslaved people on Catherine Mount should be moved to Catherine Hall. He left Catherine Hall and Drax Hall in trust to his son Jonathan Beckford Barnett and his heirs, failing whom it was to pass to his daughters (Frances Shettlewood Woollery the wife of Edward Woollery, and Jane, Martha and Mary Ann Barnett [possibly with one omission as Martha is given as 'Martha Barnett Barnett']) as tenants-in-common.


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William; Jonathan Beckford; Frances; Jane; Martha; Ann

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