Jonathan Beckford Barnett

1750 - 1798


Son of Samuel Barnett of Redland (q.v.), under whose will of 1762 he inherited the Catherine Hall and Drax Hall estates. The latter was sold to William Beckford c. 1762. Although Jonathan Beckford Barnett does not appear in the Accounts Produce for Catherine Hall, Catherine Buckford [sic] Barnett does, in 1780 as owner; Jonathan Beckford Barnett in his will made in 1797 left his wife Sarah [shown as 'Sarah Barnett otherwise Jenner' (or 'Seaman')] what he was owed by way of rent charge 'on the estate of John Jackson known by the name St [sic] Catherine Hall'. Jonathan Beckford Barnett had been imprisoned for debt in the Fleet Prison in 1784.


Will of Jonathan Beckford Barnett [made 12/10/1797] of Ramore Co. Galway proved 23/12/1801 PROB 11/1366/231.

Further Information

Sarah Jenner
Oxford (St Mary Hall) [1767 ]

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1762 [EA] - 1774 [LA] → Owner

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Son → Father

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Ramore, Co. Galway, Ireland