Hungerford Spooner the younger

1755 - 1819


Nephew of Charles Spooner of St Kitts (q.v.), and legatee as tenant-for-life of Charles Spooner's estates on St Kitts and Tortola under Charles Spooner's will, proved 1790.

Hungerford Spooner, son of Hungerford Spooner and Jane, was baptised in St Nicholas Acons, London, 04/06/1755. An earlier Hungerford Spooner had been baptised to the same parents in St Swithin's in 1752. Hungerford Spooner, bachelor, married Harriet Luard in St Swithins, 19/12/1791.

Hungerford Spooner had 4 reputed children baptised in St Andrew, Jamaica, 06/11/1788: Charles Spooner (age 2 years, mother was Grace, "a mulatto"), Hungerford Spooner (age 1 year, mother was M S. Patterson, "a quadroon"), John Patterson Spooner (age 2 years, mother was M. S. Patterson) and John Hungerford (age 3 years, mother was Esther, "a slave").

Hungerford Spooner of Seymour Place, Bryanstone Square, was buried in St Giles in the Fields, Holborn, London, 01/07/1819 age 64. To date no will has been found for him.

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1817 [EA] - 1823 [LA] → Not known

Charlottenburg was registered to the trustees of Hungerford Spooner. Tentative identification as the Hungerford Spooner who inherited property on St Kitts and who died in 1819.

1794 [EA] - → Owner
1800 [EA] - → Owner

Registered to Hungerford Spooner 1800-1825, although Spooner died c. 1819.

1826 [EA] - 1832 [LA] → Previous owner
1790 [SY] - 1819 [EY] → Tenant-for-life

Relationships (6)

Beneficiary of Trust → Trustee
Son-in-law → Father-in-law
Nephew → Uncle
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Hungerford Spooner was also legatee of slave-property under his uncle's...
Grandson → Grandfather
Nephew → Uncle

Addresses (1)

Seymour Place, Bryanstone Square, London, Middlesex, London, England