William Gibbes Straghan

???? - 1828


Resident slave-owner in Barbados.

  1. Will of William Gibbes Straghan of St Michael Barbados [made in 1827] proved 22/11/1828 (the text of the will is preceded by a petition from his widow Elizabeth given that he had not had the will witnessed). He instructed enough money be set aside to yield an annuity of £430 p.a. to his wife, the principal to be divided after her death between his five children after giving £50 to each of his grandchildren four in number 'Harbourne's children.' He had, he said already given his son Rev. William Gibbes Straghan £2000 and he [the Rev. William Gibbes Straghan] having only two daughters already adequately provided for, accordingly left him 5 shillings in full; he left his daughter £300 currency 'having sold her three negroes for that sum', and £300 currency to his servant Alice Ann Owens. He left his house and land at Rural Place to his wife for life and then to his son Rev. William Gibbes Straghan; and his enslaved people to his wife for her to dispose of, except those belonging to his first wife, whom he left to his son Rev. William Gibbes Straghan leaving his second wife the option of selling them and remitting the proceeds to Rev. William Gibbes Straghan. He referred to a further annuity to which his wife was entitled that brought her a total of £500 p.a.

  2. Effects of William Gibbes Straghan of Barbados, Inspector General of Hospital, sworn by executors at under £40,000.

  3. Wilhelmina Straghan, the daughter of William Gibbes Straghan with his second wife, left £10,000 when she died at Bath in 1862. Her brother Rev. Abel Andrews Straghan left £28,000 at his death, also in Bath, in 1880.


  1. PROB 11/1748/232. The will is characterised by additions in the margin that materially alter its sense.

  2. Findmypast.co.uk, Bank of England Wills Extracts 1717-1845.

  3. National Probate Calendar 1862 and 1880.

Further Information

(1) Unknown (2) Elizabeth
With (1) William Gibbes; with (2) Harbourne Gibbes; Abel Andrews; John; Wilhelmina.

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William Gibbes Straghan married Mary Harbourne Hay nee Barnwell, the widow of Hon. Edward...
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