James McInroy

1769 - 12th Jul 1825


Partner in McInroy Parker and McInroy Sandbach which evolved into Sandbach Tinne. Married Elizabeth, daughter of William Moore of St Eustatius, with whom he had four children: James Patrick McInroy and William McInroy (each of whom q.v.), and Margaret and Elizabeth. Elizabeth Moore's sister, Anne Patricia married Robert Hagart of Torhouskie (1770-1850), West India merchant and first cousin to Charles Hagart I of Bantaskine, also a West India merchant. James McInroy died in 1825 leaving £172,913.

  1. '[Born] 12 August 1759 at Moulin near Pitlochry, Perthshire. [Died] 12 July 1825 at Lude near Blair Atholl, Perthshire (Several genealogies posted on ancestry.co.uk state that he was born at Lude, Blair Atholl, but he did not purchase this property until c. 1820.) Probate £172,913 (Scottish probates). Occupation Sugar planter and merchant in Demerara (British Guiana), then a West Indies merchant in Glasgow (McInroy Parker & Co.), and landowner in Perthshire, while also apparently continuing as a merchant in Demerara, as McInroy Sandbach & Co. In 1883 his son William McInroy (1804-96) of Lude, Perthshire owned 15,880 acres worth £2460 p.a. in Perthshire. Of Lude near Blair Atholl, Perthshire at death. He purchased this property in c. 1820. Father James McInroy (1706- 78), "wadsetter" of Balnbruich (genealogy on ancestry.co.uk) (A "wadsetter" is a person who holds tenure of a property by "wadset," a type of mortgage in Scottish law. "Balnbruich" may be Balnabruich, a village near Dunbeath in Caithness. It could not be further identified.) Mother Margaret, apparently nee McInroy (1715-83), a relative of her husband. Education Unknown. Marriage In 1797 in Glasgow, to Elizabeth (1782- 1870), daughter of William Moore (1759-1837), "from St. Eustatia" (online genealogy) (=St. Eustatius in the Dutch West Indies) (two sons, two daughters). Religion Presumably Church of Scotland. Public [Offices]: None known. Miscellaneous: He came to Demerara in 1782 as a sugar planter and was later a sugar merchant in Glasgow. He was a partner with Samuel Sandbach (1769- 1851= 1851/2, left £100,000), George Stewart Parker (c. 1771- c. 1828= 1829/34, left £105,893), and George Robertson (1756-99). The Liverpool branch of this firm was later the well-known firm of Sandbach, Tinne & Co.'

  2. Mr McInroy of Lude owned a house on the south-west corner of Buchanan and St Vincent Streets in Glasgow which he sold to the Western Club c. 1825.

  3. "In memory of James McInroy Esq. of Lude Perthshire born August 1769 died 2[?] July 1825 and his daughter Elizabeth born 10th January 1801 died 4th January 1808 and his son Charles Hagart born 21st June 1810 died 13th March 1819 and Elizabeth Moore his wife born 2nd May 1782 died 29th Novr 1870."


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  3. Grave in Glasgow Cathedral, photograph on Ancestry.com public member tree owned by coxl43.

We are grateful to Veronica Hagart and Jim Brennan for their help compiling this entry. Alison Clark of Edinburgh University (Alison.Clark@ed.ac.uk) is currently (2018) undertaking research towards a doctoral thesis on James McInroy.

Further Information

James Patrick; William; Margaret; Elizabeth (1801-1808); Charles Hagart (1810-1819)
Wealth at death
West India merchant

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Sandbach Tinne
West India merchant  

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Moulin, Perthshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland
Buchanan Street, Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, Scotland
Lude House, Blair Atholl, Perthshire, North-east Scotland, Scotland