Johnson Littledale

1776 - 1831


Johnson Wilkinson Littledale, merchant and slave-owner in St Vincent and in Colombia, member of His Majesty's Council for St Vincent, dying in 1831, with an 'outside' family in St Vincent for whom he provided in his will. He was the son of Henry Littledale of Eaton Hall, merchant of Liverpool, and his wife Sarah nee Wilkinson, who had 15 children, including Elizabeth Bolton (nee Littledale) (q.v.) the wife of John Bolton (q.v.). Johnson Littledale died in a hurricane, 'the only person of distinction killed by the storm, his house having been thrown down upon him. A number of negroes, however, perished.' His housekeeper, Miss Jessy [sic] Douglas, died with him.

  1. Johnson Littledale of St Vincent was listed as a subscriber to Charles Shephard's An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent, published in 1832.

  2. Administration of the will of Johnson Littledale merchant and member of HM Council widower of St Vincent [made 10/10/1826] granted 23/08/1832 to Eleonora Alexander Littledale widow relict of Henry Littledale, Henry Littledale and Janet or Jennet Douglas having died before proving the will of Johnson Littledale. Under the will Johnson Littledale made his son Henry Littedale of Glasgow and his 'confidential friend' Jennet Douglas of St Vincent his executor and executrix, and Jennet Douglas as sole trustee and guardian 'of my six children hereinafter named.' He left in trust for his three sons John, Alfred and Harold 'being the issue of the said Jennet Douglas' his property in Columbia [sic], amounting to 3000 acres, with the enslaved people on it, near the town of Cuiria [?] in the province of Cumana [apparently growing indigo, ginger, arrowroot and cotton], which was subject to an agreement for seven years with William East to cultivate it for their joint account. The rest of his enslaved people he left in trust for the benefit of his daughters Eliza, Charlotte and Jennet (also issue of Jennet Douglas); these were on St Vincent at Owia, engaged also in growing arrowroot, indigo and provisions. He recommended his sons be apprenticed at Port of Spain so they could be close to their Colombian property. He left his money and receivables in Britain (including interest unpaid on legacies from his own father Henry Littledale) to his son Henry Littledale, with the exception of any merchandise he had shipped in exchange for goods to be dispatched to Jennet Douglas.


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  1. Charles Shephard, An Historical Account of the Island of Saint Vincent (1832) pp. vii-xii.

  2. PROB 11/18094/203.

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(1) Isabella Bond
With (1) Henry; With Jennet Bond: John, Alfred, Harold, Eliza, Charlotte, Jennet
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