Susanna Johnson

1755 - 20th Feb 1813


A free woman of colour, see entry for her daughter Ann Pool Johnson and her partner Dugald Campbell of Saltspring the younger.

See [accessed 27/11/2014] for details of a monumental inscription for Susanna Johnson who died 20/02/1813 in her 58th year after 29 years of faithful service on Saltspring estate.

Further Information

[Extra-marital] Dugald Campbell
Mary, Susan Ricketts, Ann Pool, George

Will of Susanna Johnson summarised at [accessed 27/11/2014].

I, Susanna Johnson a free woman of colour now residing at Salt Spring, Hanover, I have a certain Indenture bearing the date about 22 July, 1803 conveyed unto Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring Esq. thirty-one (31) Negro and other slaves with the increases of the females of them upon trust for my children: Mary Johnson now Smith, George Johnson, Susannah Ricketts Johnson and Ann Pool Johnson. To Mary Smith one Negro said name Robin To George Johnson, Almides and her children Sylvia, Mary, Rossie and Windsor, Minew and Rossetta To Susanna Ricketts Johnson I give 13 Negroes, namely, Palmyra, Aramynlas, Grimby, Colin, Isaac, Ican, Sully, Elecky, Urany and her children Hely and Prince. To Ann Pool I give Sophie, Drusilla, Bob, Elina, Fanny, Fedelia, Bonilla & her children Mary, Mira and Kalin, Polydore and Venus. My estate and property real and personal of which I am now possessed unto Dugald Campbell of Salt Spring and James Boyick of Great Queen Street in London as my children are all in England and their trustees being James Boyick and Dugald Campbell. To my sisters: Sarah Johnson, I give £50, Elizabeth Johnson, a Negro woman named Kitty, and on her death to Susanna Ricketts Johnson. To my brother, James Johnson £50 I manumise and set free a slave girl named Cecelia and £5 per annum. To my mother, Sarah Johnson, I give an annuity of £10 to be paid every year commencing on my death.

Dated the 28th day of January, 1809.

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