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Undergraduate FAQs - for applicants

If you have applied to an Undergraduate programme at UCL Laws, you can read Frequently Asked Questions about the application process and your offer of study here.

When can I expect to receive a decision on my application?

If you submit your application by the 31 January deadline, we aim to notify UCAS of our decisions by the end of March. However, you may hear from us before this date.

Can I supply revised predicted grades?

No, UCL considers the information contained on an application as complete and accurate at the point of submission to UCAS. It is not anticipated that any amendments will be made to the personal statement, the reference or the grade predictions provided in the reference.

Should a school/college wish to submit additional information that has not been solicited by UCL then this must be done prior to a decision being taken on the application and no later than 31 January UCAS deadline, whichever is earlier.

Revisions to predicted grades will only be considered if there has been a genuine administrative error on the part of the school/college when the original reference was completed. Any requests for such a revision must be supported by a statement from the school/college indicating that such an error has occurred. Such revisions will only be considered prior to UCL making a decision on the application and no later than the 31 January UCAS deadline, whichever is earlier.

If my application is unsuccessful, can I appeal the decision? What if there are extenuating circumstances?

We cannot reconsider unsuccessful applications. All applications are reviewed carefully on the basis of the information provided on the UCAS application form. Any additional information in support of your application must be provided as soon as possible after your application has been submitted to UCAS and before a decision has been made on the application and no later than the 31 January UCAS deadline, whichever is earlier.

We will not consider any new information that is submitted after a decision has been processed. If your application is unsuccessful and you would like to be reconsidered, you would need to submit a new application in the next UCAS cycle. There is no guarantee an offer of a place will be made.

What is the deadline to accept my offer?

If you made an on-time application by 31 January 2024, the reply deadline will be confirmed by UCAS.

Can I defer an offer of a place?

If you have not yet received a decision on your application and wish to defer your entry, please contact us as soon as possible so that your application can be considered for the correct year of entry.

If you have received an offer from UCL Laws and wish to defer your place, please email us requesting a deferral and outline the reasons for the request, and where applicable you should also attach evidence in support of the request. You should be aware that we would only process a request to defer from an offer holder if you have selected UCL as your firm choice on UCAS.

UCL Laws will only consider requests to defer an application for one academic year and we will not approve any request to defer for more than one year. In such cases, you must either withdraw your application and reapply the following year for deferred entry, or withdraw your application and reapply in the admissions cycle of the year you intend to start the degree programme.

What is the deadline for meeting the conditions of my offer?

All conditions specified in your offer of admission must be met by late August/early September 2024 – the exact deadline will be stated on your offer letter. This applies to offers for entry in September 2024 and deferred entry in September 2025.

What if I do not meet the conditions of my offer due to extenuating circumstances?

If your examination performance is affected by extenuating circumstances, you should notify your school and the examining board as soon as possible so that they may be taken into consideration when your exams are marked.

We will not accept requests for special consideration due to extenuating circumstances as we expect that the results awarded by the examination board(s) accurately reflect the candidate’s examination performance, and have already taken any extenuating circumstances into consideration.

I need a Student visa to study in the UK. When will I receive my CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies)

You will be invited to check the details which will be used to generate your CAS in June 2024. Your CAS will be issued to you once your offer status has been updated to Unconditional Firm and your qualifications have been verified.

Please ensure your Tier 4 information is up to date on your UCL online portal.

Do you participate in the Clearing process?

UCL Laws does not typically take part in Clearing.