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LLB Law with French Law

Within a dynamic and changing European context, knowledge of another European national legal system and its law is a valuable asset, both academically and professionally.


UCAS course code: M141

You should review the information provided below in conjunction with the UCL Prospectus page for this degree programme.

This four-year programme teaches students from across the globe the skills to reflect critically on your understanding of the law, how the law works and how and if it can be changed. This programme includes a year in France at Université Panthéon-Assas – Paris II in Year 3.

As a UCL Laws student, your modules will be taught through weekly lectures combined with a bi-weekly tutorial or in seminars. During lectures, seminars and tutorials, you’ll have the opportunity to explore the principles of law, and to understand its role in governing the relations between the individual, the state, and society.

Through discussion and debate with your classmates and tutors, written assignments and presentations, you will develop your ability to communicate in a clear and effective way, sharpen your powers of reasoning, and gain the technical expertise to solve legal problems.

NOTE: Students enrolled on this programme will only be permitted to transfer to the three-year LLB degree in exceptional circumstances.


  • Learn directly from world-renowned academics and practitioners in the legal field.
  • Be a part of our global student community and take advantage of our unrivalled UCL Laws Society which, together with the Faculty, delivers an outstanding programme of activities and events each term.
  • Develop your skills and legal knowledge by taking part in activities such as mooting, client interviewing, debating, and negotiating competitions.   
  • Get involved in pro-bono opportunities, allowing you to provide legal advice and give back to the local community. The Centre for Access to Justice (CAJ) provides Faculty-level oversight and management of the UCL Laws Pro Bono Programme.
  • Access specialist careers support from our in-house Careers Consultant. 
  • Work in our state of the art faculty, Bentham House, which provides an inspiring home to our staff and students.
  • The year spent abroad studying French Law will enhance your critical analysis skills and equip you for the fourth and final year at UCL.
  • Upon successful completion, you will be awarded a Bachelor of Laws from UCL as well as either a University certificate from Paris II, Certificat supérieur de droit français et international or the French national degree: Licence 3.
  • The award of the Paris II certificate or Licence 3 offers you opportunities to continue your studies in France at the end of your UCL degree programme if you wish.

Programme structure

The structure of the programme during Years 1, 2 and 4 (when you will be based at UCL), is similar to Years 1, 2 and 3 of the LLB Law programme, with the exception of an additional module which is taught in French and is focused on French law.

The French Law module in Years 1 and 2 will provide you with the skills needed to study at our partner institution during your year abroad in France.

During the year in France, you will have a personal tutor who will be responsible for your academic and social welfare at the French university.

For all courses with one year study abroad the overseas university will also send you information regarding term dates, student registration, and enrolment. University accommodation is guaranteed during your year in France.

Throughout Year 2, you will have opportunities to meet returning fourth-year students who have completed their year abroad and current visiting students from overseas universities. On an occasional basis, representatives from Paris II will visit UCL to deliver classes and information meetings.

For information regarding access to the French Barreau, visit the Paris II website.

For further information regarding academic aspects of the programme, the academic contacts are: Dr Myriam Hunter-Henin, UCL (m.hunter-henin@ucl.ac.uk) and Joël Cavallini, Paris II Assas (Joel.Cavallini@u-paris2.fr).

Please note that students on the programme do not receive French language tuition and are expected to work on their language skills alongside their studies.


Year 1

Prior to the start of teaching, you will be required to complete some pre-course reading for the Laws’ Connections induction course (approximately 15 hours). This will be sent to you prior to the start of the academic year. You may also be asked to complete some pre-course reading for some of the year 1 modules. When you join UCL laws, you will start with a two-week induction programme: Laws' Connections: Legal Doctrine and Contemporary Challenges.

Laws' Connections is designed to be an inspiring introduction to the study of law here at UCL Laws, and to the role of law in addressing social challenges. It has two elements:

  • Introduction to the Study of Law
  • Case Studies

The case studies cover topics such as climate change, homelessness, the global financial crisis, fake news and falsehoods, and the family home. You will be encouraged to think hard about the role of lawyers and the law in addressing significant social problems and introduce some important legal ideas and concepts, and also some important legal skills. You shall also get to know the people you will be studying with for the coming years.

You will take the following compulsory modules in Year 1:

  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • European Legal Studies (French) I
  • Property Law I 
  • Public Law
Year 2

During Year 2 of the programme, you will take four compulsory modules:

  • European Legal Studies (French) II (replacing Jurisprudence)
  • European Union Law
  • Property Law II 
  • Tort Law
Year 3

The third year of study is spent abroad at Paris II Panthéon-Assas. The typical programme of study for this year leads to a Certificat supérieur de droit français et européen and comprises two full-year courses plus six one-semester courses in Civil/Private Law, Public Law and other optional courses in French Law.

Students who have the requisite level in French and French Law may also apply to undertake more courses during their year abroad to gain a licence 3 qualification in addition to their LLB (subject to approval by UCL Laws).

Your personal tutor in France will help you choose your modules and will be able to approve your choices.

Prior to your departure in year two, you will be provided with information to help you prepare for your year abroad, including information and resources concerning financial considerations, passports and visas, the availability of private accommodation, local education authority documentation, travel arrangements, and insurance. The overseas university will also send you information regarding term dates, student registration, and enrolment.

Université Panthéon-Assas – Paris II

The typical course of study consists of:

  • Civil / Private Law (two semesters) with tutorials
  • Public Law (two semesters) with tutorials
  • Three full-year (or six semester) options
  • Support tutorials in both Private and Public Law to help you prepare your tutorial sessions

You will be required to complete and pass 60 ECTS credits during your year abroad.

Students may also apply prior to departure, at the end of term one of their second year, to the Module Convenor for European Legal Studies to undertake more courses during their year at Université Panthéon-Assas – Paris II to gain a Licence qualification in addition to the LLB.

The typical course of study for the Licence consists of:

  • Five semester subjects with tutorials
  • Eight semester options

Assessment is based on written or oral examinations and class attendance and tutorial participation.

Visit the Université Panthéon-Assas – Paris II website for more details. 

Year 4

In the final year of the programme, you will be able to choose optional modules totalling 120 credits. Students choose from a wide range of optional modules based on the research interests of UCL Laws academics. Visit our Modules section to see a list of modules that may be available in Year 3. 

Final year students can also choose to study 30 of their 120 credits in another UCL Department or at another University of London institution (subject to space).


At UCL, students will be assessed by a variety of summative assessments (e.g. written examinations, take-home papers, coursework essays, presentations or through a combination of methods of assessment).

You will also submit and receive feedback on formative assessments throughout each academic year.

Assessment at Université Panthéon-Assas – Paris II 

You will be assessed according to the regulations of the overseas university where you are studying in the third year. Assessment is based on written or oral examinations and class attendance and tutorial participation.

You must study and pass the required number of credits for your ‘Laws With’ Study Abroad Programme, in order to pass the Study Abroad element of your degree programme. If you fail a module, and do not therefore secure the required credits, you must make the necessary arrangements via the host university to re-sit the module wherever this is possible. Please contact the Undergraduate Office to discuss. We are always there to assist and support students. As soon as your results/re-sit results are available, your marks must be forwarded to the Undergraduate Office and, provided you have satisfied UCL Laws’ requirements, you will pass the Study Abroad element of your degree programme.

Students who do not pass the year abroad will automatically transfer to the final year of the three-year LLB programme in the next academic year, following the year abroad BUT students who transfer from a Law with programme to the straight LLB programme must study and pass Jurisprudence in their final year and will therefore choose only three additional 30 credit modules (or equivalent) in their final year.


Successful students will be awarded either a Bachelor of Laws from UCL and the University certificate from Paris II “Certificat supérieur de droit français et international or a Bachelor of Laws from UCL and the French national degree Licence 3.

Upon graduation, students who have been awarded a Bachelor of Laws from UCL and the French national degree Licence 3 will be eligible to apply to study on a Master 1 programme in Paris II or any other French University. Upon completion of their Master 1, they will automatically be entitled to progress onto a Master 2 (LLM level). Students who have been awarded a Bachelor of Laws and a Certificate in French Law will be eligible to apply to study for a Licence 3 in Paris II.

All of our programmes are compliant with the QAA subject benchmark statement for law and contain the "Foundations of Legal Knowledge" subjects as well as the skills associated with graduate legal work such as legal research.