UCL Faculty of Laws


Dual LLB/Juris Doctor (JD) with Columbia University, New York

Lawyers qualified in more than one jurisdiction are increasingly in demand around the world

After successfully completing the first year of the LLB Law programme, you may apply to transfer to the dual degree programme that leads to a Bachelor of Laws honours degree from UCL and a Juris Doctor degree from Columbia University in New York. The Juris Doctor (or J.D.) is the American equivalent of the LLB.

A maximum of three students per year are permitted to transfer onto this double degree programme. Selection is based on academic merit and will have major financial implications for the students involved. Students who have undertaken more than one year of study in the US (secondary or higher education) will not be eligible for the programme. Students who have applied to Columbia previously or taken the LSAT will need to disclose this as part of the application process as this may affect their eligiblity for the programme. Final decisions on eligible applicants are made in consultation with Columbia University in line with their requirements.   

Students in the dual degree programme spend two years at UCL and a further two years at Columbia Law School in New York. After completing all four years of study, successful candidates will be awarded the LLB and J.D. degrees.

Applicants who are interested in this dual degree programme should apply through UCAS for admission to the LLB Law programme. In the first term of year 2, UCL Laws will inform you of the procedures for applying to transfer to the dual degree programme. Transfer is not guaranteed.

This programme is recognised by the two main legal professional bodies, the Bar Council and the Law Society, for the purpose of exemption from the academic stage of their professional examinations.

  • Please note: this programme is not available through UCAS. There is no opportunity to express a preference for this dual degree programme at the initial application stage.
Year 1

During year one of the programme, you will take four compulsory modules:

  • Contract Law
  • Criminal Law
  • Property Law I
  • Public Law
Year 2

During year two of the programme, you will take four compulsory modules:

  • European Union Law
  • Jurisprudence and Legal Theory
  • Property Law II
  • Tort Law
Years 3 & 4

During years three and four, you will study on the J.D. programme at the Columbia Law School at Columbia University in New York. You will be required to pay the relevant fee to Columbia University.

Visit the Columbia Law School website for more details