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Contents of Commercial Contracts: Terms Affecting Freedoms

An edited collection of the papers presented at the ‘Contents of Commercial Contracts’ conference at UCL on 9-10 May 2019, as part of the UCL Laws Back to Bentham conference series.

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24 July 2020

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Davies, Paul S and Raczynska, Magda, (eds.) (2020) Contents of Commercial Contracts: Terms Affecting Freedoms, Oxford: Hart Publishing.

Publication summary

Freedom of contract is a great strength of English law: indeed it is a key reason why English law is often the law of choice. But the terms of commercial contracts often restrict freedom of action. This book considers such terms.

Leading commentators, including various UCL Laws academics, take stock of recent developments such as increased reliance on good faith/discretion and the rise of smart contracts. In doing so, they make original contributions to ongoing debates concerning the limits to parties' freedom of contract.

This important subject will interest drafters of commercial contracts keen to ensure that contracts are clear and enforceable; litigators disputing the meaning, scope and validity of terms; and academics interested in the purpose and nature of the exercises involved.

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