UCL Faculty of Laws


Brian Opeskin

Distinguished Visiting Professor

Professor Brian Opeskin is a Professor of Law at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia (UTS) and is the Distinguished Visiting Professor at UCL Faculty of Laws for 2021-22. He researches in the broad field of public law and has written widely on constitutional law; courts, judges and jurisdiction; and international migration law. He is the author of the recent monograph, Future-Proofing the Judiciary: Preparing for Demographic Change (Palgrave Macmillan, 2021), and is an elected Fellow of the Australian Academy of Law.

Brian undertook bachelors’ degrees in economics and law (University of New South Wales); a BCL  (University of Oxford); a masters’ degree in demography (Australian National University); and he holds a doctorate in law from the University of Melbourne.

 He previously held positions as Associate Dean (Research) at UTS; Professor of Legal Governance at Macquarie University (Sydney); Head of the Law School at the University of the South Pacific (Vanuatu); Deputy President of the Australian Law Reform Commission; Associate Professor at Sydney University; and Associate to Justice Mason at the High Court of Australia.

 While at UCL Faculty of Laws, Brian will be researching a project on The Architecture of Judicial Systems, which is a comparative study that aims to develop novel understandings about the structure and organisation of judicial systems in common law countries. His full profile and publication list can be viewed here.