UCL Faculty of Laws


Visiting staff and Honorary appointments

Our community of academics make UCL Faculty of Laws one of the world’s leading law schools. Find out more about the visiting staff and honorary appointments in our department below.

Visiting staff 

Affiliate Academics
  • Dr John Howells
    Visiting Academics
    • Dr Dean Knight
    • Professor Stefano Civitarese Matteucci
    Visiting Professors
    • Professor Sir Geoffrey Bindman
    • Mr Justice David Bodey
    • Dame Nicola Brewer
    • Dr Cristina Caffarra
    • Mr Richard Calnan
    • Professor Johannes Chan
    • Mr Richard Clayton
    • Mr Gavin Drewry
    • Dr Heather Grabbe
    • Mr Carlos Moedas
    • Dr Jason Moyer-Lee
    • Professor Judith Resnik
    Distinguished Judicial Visitors
    • The Right Honourable Lady Justice Arden, Justice of The Supreme Court
    • The Right Honourable Lord Justice Arnold, Lord Justice of Appeal
    • The Right Honourable the Lord Carnwath, former Justice of The Supreme Court
    • The Right Honourable the Lord Dyson, former Justice of the Surpreme Court and Master of the Rolls
    • The Right Honourable Sir Rupert Jackson, former Lord Justice of Appeal
    • The Right Honourable Sir Maurice Kay, former Vice-President Civil Division of the Court of Appeal
    • Sir Stephen Sedley
    • Sir Stephen Silber
    • The Honourable Mrs Justine Thornton

    Honorary appointments 

    Honorary Professors
    • Professor Nigel Balmer
    • Ms Victoria Butler-Cole
    • Professor Lord Robert Carnwath
    • Professor Barnali Choudhury
    • Right Honourable Christopher Floyd
    • Professor Suzanne Forell
    • Mr Richard Gardiner
    • Baroness Brenda Hale of Richmond DBE
    • Lord John Hendy
    • Lord David Kitchin
    • Professor Stephen Mayson
    • Professor Peter Meier-Beck
    • Professor Richard Moorhead
    • Professor Philip Rawlings
    • Mr James Roe
    • Professor Joanne Scott
    • Professor Dean Spielmann
    Honorary Professors of Practice
      Honorary Associate Professors
        Honorary Lecturers
          Honorary Senior Research Associates
          • Professor Emmanuelle De Champs
          • Professor Michael Schefczyk
          • Professor Malcolm Quinn
              Honorary  Research Associates
              • Dr Olena Chaban
              • Ms Olena Halahan
              • Dr Louise Seaward
              • Dr Mary Sokol
              Honorary Senior Research Fellows