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Dr John Sorabji advises on CCJE Opinion on use of assistive technology and AI in the judiciary

13 December 2023

The CCJE has issued its latest Opinion on “Moving forward: the use of assistive technology in the judiciary”. The Opinion is based on a preliminary draft prepared by Dr Sorabji, who was appointed CCJE Expert.

John Sorabji

On 1 December, the Consultative Council of European Judges (CCJE) adopted its Opinion No. 26 (2023) “Moving forward: the use of assistive technology in the judiciary”. Dr John Sorabji, Associate Professor at UCL Laws, was appointed by the CCJE to advise and draft the Opinion. Dr Sorabji is also a member of the UCL Judicial Institute, a centre for Judicial Studies which conducts research into the future of judiciaries and justice.

The Opinion aims to examine the potential benefits of using assistive technology in the judiciary and the potential dangers to judicial independence that it poses. It recognises that the use of technology will continue to develop, and that judicial systems should keep pace with such developments. The Opinion also outlines a set of principles for the future use of digital technology, including Artificial Intelligence (AI), to assist judges.

Much of the Opinion’s focus is on the emergence of AI's role in the administration of justice, which is being actively explored by some member States. Although AI could be used to promote settlement and assist with judicial decision-making, the Opinion warns this could pose several challenges to judicial independence and to securing a fair trial for parties.