UCL Judicial Institute


UCL Judicial Institute

The UCL Judicial Institute is the UK's first and only centre of excellence devoted to research, teaching and policy engagement about the judiciary


Carrying out groundbreaking research, teaching and policy development to promote understanding of the judiciary and a fair and effective judicial system


Conducting cutting-edge and interdisciplinary research on the judiciary that has a high policy impact    


Pioneering teaching in judicial studies that brings students in direct contact with judges and policy-makers

Professional development 

Creating new professional development programmes about judges and the judicial process for lawyers in practice

Public debate 

Serving as a public forum to address key issues facing judges and courts worldwide


Conducting comparative judicial research and serving on international organisations devoted to understanding and improving the judicial process


Groundbreaking research about and with judges exploring judicial decision-making, appointments, education and the judicial process


Landmark research on the jury system in this country by the UCLJury Project, examining the fairness of the jury system and working exclusively with real jurors at court


Path-breaking empirical research on perceptions of tribunals and the fairness of tribunal decision-making

Judicial diversity 

Leading on research and policy development on how to achieve a more representative judiciary

Future justice 

Addressing the legal, social and technological challenges facing  judges and courts in the 21st century

Civil justice 

World-renowned expertise on the civil justice system and the public use of the legal system