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UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (UCL iLAC) team featured in latest #MadeAtUCL podcast

18 September 2020

The UCL Integrated Legal Advice Clinic (UCL iLAC) team were guests on the latest #MadeAtUCL podcast episode called ‘Levelling the playing field’.


The final episode of Series 1 of the #MadeAtUCL podcast looks at how UCL research is helping to level out various playing fields and tackle inequality.

At the iLAC – part of the UCL Centre for Access to Justice - lawyers and UCL law students provide advice and help to those facing homelessness, dealing with poor quality housing or navigating the welfare benefits system.

The UCL iLAC team (Thul Khan, Catriona McDonald, Ben Cartwright, Clara Fuhg and Rachel Knowles) - who spoke to the podcast last year - talked about how the Clinic helps people in the local community get the support they are entitled to through the provision of free legal advice. The episode also spoke to two clients who explained how the iLAC assisted them.

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