UCL Faculty of Laws


UCL Faculty of Laws delighted to welcome new academic staff

19 September 2018

Three new members of academic staff have joined the UCL Faculty of Laws this term.


UCL Faculty of Laws is delighted to welcome Paul Burgess, Senior Teaching Fellow in Public Law and Human Rights Law; Dr Despoina (Deni) Mantzari, Lecturer in Competition Law and Policy; and Professor Eloise Scotford, Professor of Environmental Law.

Paul Burgess’ research interests relate to the concept of the Rule of Law – in particular, he takes a broadly interdisciplinary approach that touches on legal theory, legal history, political theory, public law, economics, and constitutional theory. Paul’s teaching subjects will include public law, human rights in the UK, and comparative human rights.

Dr Deni Mantzari holds a PhD from UCL, and will teach modules in EU Law and Competition Law. Her research cuts across competition law, consumer protection law and public law. She is interested in the interaction of competition law and regulation in regulated industries, as well as in judicial review of regulatory decisions.

Professor Eloise Scotford’s research covers many aspects of environmental law, within and across jurisdictions, with a focus on the legal treatment of environmental principles, air quality law, climate change governance, waste law, and legislative and adjudicative processes as they relate to the environment. She will teach various environmental law modules, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, as well as undergraduate tort law. Professor Scotford joined UCL Laws in 2017, and is returning to the faculty this term after maternity/reading in leave.

Please join us in wishing the new members of staff a very warm welcome to Bentham House.

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