UCL Faculty of Laws


Justin Fleming – LLM Legal History 1991

Justin Fleming

I graduated in 1991 with an LLM in Legal History from UCL Laws. Since then, I’ve written a history of the common law, Barbarism to Verdict, published by HarperCollins. I also write for theatre and film.

I wanted to study at UCL because of its reputation and its global nature, and the location in central London. Also, UCL continues to be at the heart of modern thinking and development in all fields, making it an excellent place to study.

UCL helped my career path because it was a truly global university, with a rich base of fellow students from so many diverse backgrounds. Apart from learning about laws, I also enjoyed the company of these fellow students and learned more about our world in an atmosphere conducive to social discussion. The proximity of UCL to West End theatres, museums and libraries was a wonderful opportunity in itself.

I have lots of ‘best’ memories of UCL Laws, including the seminars, the teaching, the fellow students, and the general atmosphere. I think the Socratic method of teaching made the seminars really illuminating. We were being taught by the very people who wrote the definitive texts in their field, which gave the seminars considerable authority. I also felt that our educators enjoyed the seminars as much as we students did, as if there is always something new to emerge.

If you’re currently studying at UCL Faculty of Laws, I would advise you to soak up the wonderful, inspiring atmosphere and enjoy the experience of a lifetime!