UCL Faculty of Laws


Gehad Alsaeed – LLM 2014

Why did you choose to study at UCL Laws? 

UCL is a name of integrity, respect, quality and diversity - that's how I felt towards UCL when I was searching for a law school to pursue my LLM studies. Among many well reputed universities, UCL stood out to me.

What stood out for you in terms of the teaching and learning experience on the LLM programme?

My lecturers and tutors in all the modules I chose were outstanding and very knowledgeable. Their teaching methods helped me connect the theoretical aspects of law with its application in practice, in order to achieve fairness and equality for all. This inspired me to instil those ethical standards throughout my career journey. I give credit and special thanks to my esteemed Professors Kimberley Trapp, Phillipe Sands and Alex Mills in encouraging me to share my views in class discussions, which boosted my confidence and developed my critical analysis skills.

What is your fondest memory of your time here? 

It is hard to pick my best memory at UCL Laws, as it has truly been a unique life experience for me. I remember on our first day, the LLM Programme Director told us why it is a privilege to be part of the UCL Laws community. I felt inspired to strive for success; stay humble; keep an open mind; and acknowledge that there are always opportunities to learn.

How has your LLM from UCL Laws influenced your career journey?

Having an LLM in International Law inspired me to explore other fields of law, so I decided to join the corporate law team at Baker McKenzie in Cairo. I then practiced banking and finance law at the Commercial International Bank of Egypt, before joining the international arbitration team in Zulficar & Partners Law Firm. After, I became the legal counsel for cross border transactions in Africa and Europe at Elsewedy International. I'm currently serving as the General Counsel of Samcrete Engineers and Contractors, where I review international agreements involving private and public sectors, as well as international construction agreements with foreign private and public institutions. I am also a member of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators.

I was nominated as a partner for The Law in Egypt - a wide legal community offering platforms for students and practitioners to discuss important legal issues. I delivered workshops (for instance, on legal drafting) where I adopted teaching techniques similar to the ones I experienced during my time at UCL, encouraging participants to practice more critical analysis.

Do you have other goals or achievements outside of your legal career? 

I’m a strong believer in maintaining balance between my professional and personal life - I've practiced yoga for two years and travelled to India to become a professional yoga instructor alongside my legal career.

What advice would you give to prospective or current students at UCL?

My advice to current students would be: be an active student and try to enjoy your studies even when you find it challenging - this is a self-improvement process which requires hard work and discipline. Don't forget to make friends; spend time with them to de-stress and recharge so you can enjoy your studies and personal life. Lastly, always be kind to yourself and others.