UCL Faculty of Laws


Eleni Antoniadou - LLM Maritime Law 2014

Why did you choose to study at UCL Laws?  

I graduated from UCL Faculty of Laws in 2014, with an LLM in Maritime Law. I wanted to study at UCL because of the Faculty’s long tradition in public international law and world renowned professors, such as Dr Douglas Guilfoyle.

After the final exams, Dr Guilfoyle offered me my first job opportunity in London! I was still writing my thesis on the Law of the Sea and at the same time supporting Dr Guilfoyle with regards to his new book on International Criminal Law. 

What have you gone on to do since graduating?

After graduation, I completed work placements with the Legal Affairs Office of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and the Network of Experts on the Legal Aspects of Maritime Safety and Security (MARSAFENET). I have been admitted as a solicitor in Athens, Greece; and am registered with the Solicitors Regulatory Authority in England and Wales as a European Lawyer (REL).

I’ve also had experience in the fields of sustainability, green shipping, offshore oil & gas and renewable energy sectors. I now work as a Legal Officer for the International Maritime Organization (IMO), the United Nations specialised agency for shipping. In my previous role, I was the Policy & Regulatory Affairs Adviser for the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA), focusing on international legislative affairs, energy performance, emissions management, as well as MLC and MRV compliance. It was important to me to voice the interests of around 1,000 companies in over 60 countries, at an international, regional and national level in representing the sector to governments and regulatory bodies. Prior to joining IMCA, I was Regulatory Analytics Manager for eRevalue, a data analytics firm, assisting companies to stay abreast of emerging regulatory, reputational and competitive risks in sustainability reporting.

What advice would you give to prospective or current students at UCL?

I’d like to urge current and prospective students to choose the field of law that you feel passionate about, without overthinking the career prospects. If you truly love what you do, you will certainly excel at it and enjoy a successful career!