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Eile Gibson – LLM Competition Law 1998

Eile Gibson

My journey to UCL began with studying the LLB at the University of London on the external course and some of our courses were with UCL. Once having got through my LLB with a 2:1, which is quite tough if one is studying whilst working full time, I felt that I needed more specialisation and so I decided to study the LLM in Competition Law.
During the LLB course, a number of evening courses were delivered by UCL tutors who understood the pressures and difficulties associated with trying to complete a degree-level programme through night school. A highlight for me was the evening class for EU Law, with Professor David O'Keefe telling us how marvellous we all were.

After graduating, I qualified as a barrister and then went on to work as a solicitor for some 20 years, specialising in tax. Over the last five years of my career, I have been working for myself.
My advice to students would be: never give up - don't listen to anyone who which says something is impossible, such as becoming a barrister. Keep focussed even when your studies get tougher (i.e. towards the end of a degree), and don’t be afraid to ask for advice from as many people as possible. It was a humbling experience qualifying as a lawyer and then going on to specialise in tax in middle age – sexism and ageism go hand in hand but in the work place I found that my younger female colleagues were interested in my past – probably they were thinking to the future about having children and the obstacles they would encounter.  Being a good lawyer is satisfying – and I continue to benefit from the skills I developed. I would never put any one off who thinks they might want to become a lawyer.