UCL Faculty of Laws


Christos Tzavaras – LLM 1991

Christos Tzavaras

I chose to study the LLM in International Business Law, graduating in 1991. I was attracted to both UCL and London; UCL always had a great tradition and reputation in legal studies, and London was a city I always wanted to live in. The experience at UCL and in London was superb. It would be an omission not to mention my beloved parents who supported me all the way (and I miss them greatly since they passed away) - especially my father, who also studied in the UK and encouraged me a lot during that time. 

When I studied at UCL Laws, I was elected as the LLM representative by my fellow LLM classmates. I felt truly honoured to have been chosen, and lucky to have met all the important people – including academic staff - who were genuinely interested in our studies, and wanted to listen to our views in a friendly setting during our weekly meetings.

I currently work as an attorney and corporate counsel. The reputation of UCL and the LLM programme at UCL Laws – particularly the modules as part of my specialism in International Business Law - has helped me a lot in my career. It was a crucial factor when I was recruited by the first law firm I worked for, and later on by a major multinational firm (PwC), along with my previous experience in the earlier years of my professional life. It gave me a good sense of communicating and reporting in English on complex legal matters and situations.

My time here as a student remains the best memory of my life – I learned how to become more disciplined and have a good work/life balance as well. My advice to students would be: be meticulous and patient; and keep up to date with developments in the market, which always have opportunities for legal positions and legal advice on new and developing business sectors.