UCL Faculty of Laws


Christopher Dahl – LLM Jurisprudence and Legal Theory 2004

Christopher Dahl
I graduated from UCL Laws in 2004, and I am now acting as General Counsel for two University of Cambridge-related trading charities.

I chose to specialise in Jurisprudence and Legal Theory for my LLM. Although a practitioner - before and after my LLM degree - I felt my knowledge and appreciation of the profession I’d chosen would be best enhanced by a root understanding and study of what Law is and the forms it takes within a given society. The flexibility of the LLM programme at UCL Laws meant that the specialism still allowed for me to add a business law elective, which I was also interested in studying.

I wanted to study at UCL Laws because of its central London location, its high ranking, and it also offered the Law Teachers’ Programme alongside the LLM modules. The lectures and interacting with the academic staff were great, but the best part about the programme was the opportunity to develop my teaching skills. I taught a university law class for three full hours; prepared and delivered lectures; and also debated key legal issues with the students. For me, the Law Teachers’ Programme was the deciding factor for choosing UCL Laws over other institutions.

Developing close and lasting relationships with people was integral to my time studying at UCL Laws. I’d encourage current students to interact with members of the Faculty, and engage with fellow students in both academic and social capacities. I recommend face-to-face debate and question-based group study, after focused solitary preparation. Socialising in the Student Union always follows nicely after a study session or lectures delivered by UCL Laws and external speakers.